Starfall Perseid — where and when to watch (online stream)

Звездопад Персеиды — где и когда смотреть (онлайн-трансляция)

Tonight in the sky you can see one of the most striking phenomena of the year — the Perseid meteor shower. It started around 21.00 Sunday, but his peaks will follow after midnight in Kiev and around 5:30 in the morning.

To see the “falling stars”, you need to follow part of the sky in the direction of the constellation Perseus (the Northern part).

Звездопад Персеиды — где и когда смотреть (онлайн-трансляция)

The most powerful meteor shower of the year comes from the comet swift — Tuttle. It makes one revolution around the Sun for 133 years.

When converging with the star, the comet nucleus partly evaporates, the gases carry with them all the grit and stones, behind which formed a train. As the meteor shower coincided with the new moon, falling stars should be visible very clearly.

As previously reported “FACTS”, according to preliminary estimates, the flux density will be moderate: 60-70 meteors per hour (for comparison, in 2016, the flux density was 150-200 meteors per hour, and in 2013 — 500 meteors per hour).

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