Stargirl : the new super-heroine in the Arrowverse is revealed in a trailer

Stargirl : the new super-heroine in the Arrowverse is revealed in a trailer

In 2020, Stargirl – a new super-heroine in DC as embodied by Brec Bassinger, will land within the Arrowverse. And after the first trailer, we can expect a result that is rather cool. Attention spoilers.

Arrow will end in January 2020, but don’t worry, the super-heroes in the Arrowverse are not about to leave the CW. On the contrary, while a spin-off of the series Oliver Queen is in preparation, it is a new super-heroine that will land next spring on our screens.

A new heroine arrives

His name ? Stargirl. Its uniqueness ? Unlike the current characters in the Arrowverse (The Flash, Legends, Supergirl…), this super-heroine of a new genre will be a teenager and still in high school, embodied by Brec Bassinger.

What necessarily bring an atmosphere and challenges slightly different from what we are used to follow since a few years, even if, like Titans or Doom Patrol – two series of DC Universe, which is also in the production of this new fiction, the tone should remain a minimum adult.

A mission complicated

And for good reason, as we can see in the first trailer, the mission of Courtney Whittmore aka Stargirl won’t be easy in spite of the powers obtained with the Cosmic Staff. Become, unwittingly, the successrice of Starman (Joel McHale) who died in battle, she will have no other choice than to fight in spite of it the worst villains possible, while succeeding in bringing together the Justice Society, a group of super-heroes.

And yes, if these are absent from the trailer, this latter option promises us already a lot of badasserie. Moreover, in this regard, it will be able to count on the support of his new father-in-law (Luke Wilson) who is none other than… the ex-sidekick of Starman.

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