Stars and their Quebec ancestors: Mexico's Secretary of the Economy is a Cloutier from America

Stars and their Quebec ancestors: The secretary at Mexico’s economy is a Cloutier of America


Each month, Le Journal invites you to trace the family history of several personalities who have roots in our country. A sociologist by training and passionate about genealogy for forty years, Jacques Noël is the author of the essay La diaspora québécoise. This impressive diaspora, which shines at the top of the arts, sports and politics, is completely ignored by Quebecers. 

Mexico's economy secretary first appeared on our radar last year when she formed an alliance with her Canadian counterpart to thwart U.S. plans to grant a tax credit only to electric cars made entirely in the United States. 

Tatiana Clouthier Carrillo was born on August 12, 1964, into a wealthy family of 11 children, in Culiacan (900,000 inhabitants), capital of the State of Sinaloa, located 1000 km northwest of Mexico City.

An English teacher at university, she led Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador's electoral campaign in 2018. “A brilliant, honest and above all honest woman”, said the Mexican president when he appointed her to the head of the fifteenth most largest economy on the planet.  

Although raised in cotton wool, she has progressive sensibilities. She broke company with her bourgeois family, linked for generations to the right, to marry the very leftist party of Obrador.

Dr Auguste Cloutier.

Tatiana is the great-great-great-granddaughter of Dr. Auguste Cloutier (1824-1863), born in Saint-Eustache and arrived in Mexico around 1850. 

Descendant of a doctor from Saint-Eustache

The doctor's maternal grandfather, August Franz Globensky (1754-1830), born in Berlin, was a surgeon.

How could a doctor from Saint-Eustache end up in Mexico in the middle of 19th century? A link with the troubles of 1837? A passage through the United States? Even Google Historian doesn't have the answer.

What we do know is that it was cholera that brought him to the country of the mariachis. He went first to Guadalajara and Mazatlan, before ending up in Culiacan where the epidemic killed half the city. It was there that he saved the life of Guadalupe Fernandez Rojo (1833-1913) who would become his wife and give birth to an exceptional line of Cloutier from America.

The marriage of Dr. Auguste Cloutier with Guadalupe Fernandez Rojo, February 7, 1853.

The couple settled in Mazatlan and had six children. When Augustus died, his widow took refuge with her family in Culiacan. On the death certificate, it was written that he was of Ynglés nationality.(Canadian citizenship only dates back to 1947).

Good for business!

The later generations were good at trading and did very “ good marriages”, accumulating businesses, rich properties, immense lands. The most famous of the line is certainly Manuel Clouthier del Rincon (1934-1989), alias Maquio, father of the progressive minister, who was a candidate in the 1988 presidential election.

For the first time since 1929, the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) faced serious opposition. On election night, the computer system crashes; Carlos Salinas is finally elected with 50.3% of the votes. Clouthier finished third with 17% in what is now considered a rigged election.

Maquio died a year later in a road accident, the circumstances of which are still unclear.


I. CLOUTHIER del RINCON, Manuel “Maquio” (1934-1989)

CARRILLO, Leticia (1933-2017)< /em>

Married 13 June 1959, Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico 

II. CLOUTHIER MARTINEZ De CASTRO, Manuel de Jesus (1906-1997)

DEL RINCON BERNAL, Maria Cristina (1915-2008)

m. 1931, Culiacan, Sinaloa 

III. CLOUTHIER ANDRADE, Manuel (1881-1952)

MARTINEZ DE CASTRO DE LA VEGA, Maria Luisa (1883- 1939)

m. October 3, 1903 Culiacan, Sinaloa 

IV. CLOUTHIER CANEDO, Manuel Maria Mauo (1853-1935)

ANDRADE AGUIRRE, Rafaela ( 1846-1925)

m. January 7, 1878, Sagrano, Culiacan, Sinaloa 

V. CLOUTIER, Auguste (1824-1863)

FERNANDEZ, RojoGuadalupe (1833-1913)
m. February 7, 1853, Sagrano, Culiacan, Sinaloa 

VI. CLOUTIER, Jean-Stanislas (1799-1862)

GLOBENSKY, Léocadie (1803- 1848)

m. June 23, 1823, Saint-Eustache 

VII. CLOUTIER, Germain ( 1763-1836)

DESLONGCHAMPS, Elisabeth (1769?-1847)

m. July 9, 1792, Sainte-Anne de Varennes, Verchères 

VIII. CLOUTIER, François (1734-1789)

MORIN, Ursule (1733-1777 )

m. November 12, 1753, Saint-Pierre-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud 

IX. CLOUTIER, Joseph (1695-1776)

LEFEVRE, Marie-Madeleine (1714 -1784)

m. September 28, 1733, Saint-Thomas, Montmagny 

X. CLOUTIER, Charles (1662-1729)

THIBAULT, Annie (1665-1749) )

m. February 26, 1685, Château-Richer 

XI. CLOUTIER, Zacharie (1617-1708)

EMARD, Madeleine (1626-1708) )

m. April 4, 1648, La Rochelle