Stars and their Quebec ancestors: The new queen consort is a Dion From America

Stars and their Quebec ancestors: The new queen consort is a D’D’America


Each month, Le Journal invites you to trace the family history of several personalities who have roots in our country. A sociologist by training and passionate about genealogy for forty years, Jacques Noël is the author of the essay, La diaspora québécoise. This impressive diaspora, which shines at the top of the arts, sports and politics, is completely ignored by Quebecers.

Historic moment in Westminster. Two hundred and sixty-three years almost to the day after the humiliating defeat on the Plains of Abraham, a Dion from America has just acceded to the throne of the British Windsors. Montcalm, finally avenged! 

Camilla Shand, alias Camilla Parker-Bowles, new queen consort of the United Kingdom, Canada and 13 other colonies, descended from Jean Guyon – first Dion of America – five generations in fact from Dion to New France.

But how on earth could a cousin of Adhémar find herself on the most prestigious throne of the conquerors of the planet? ? 

Camilla Shand was born in London on July 17, 1947. She is the daughter of Rosalind Cubbitt (1921-1994) and Major Bruce Shand (1917-2006) who converted into the wine trade.

William Coutts Keppel (1832-1894), 7th Earl of Albemarle, great-grandfather of Rosalind, married Sophia Mary MacNab (1832-1917), in Hamilton in 1855. 

What that the 7th Earl of Albemarle was doing on the shores of Lake Ontario in the middle of the 19th? Keppel was Superintendent of Indian Affairs. 

Sophia Mary was the daughter of Allen Napier Macnab (1798-1862), Prime Minister of Upper Canada from 1854 to 1856. 

Quebec origin

Marie -Charlotte Coursol, born in Verchères in 1756, Quebec ancestor of Camilla Shand.

Sophia's great-grandmother, Marie-Charlotte Coursol (1756-1805), was a daughter of Verchères, hence Camilla's Quebec blue blood. Marie-Charlotte married Ephraim Jones (1750-1812), a Loyalist, born in Massachusetts. To remain loyal to his king, Ephraim had emigrated to Canada after the American Revolution. Justice of the peace in Montreal, he married the daughter of Verchères in 1779.

Marie-Charlotte was the daughter of Michel Coursol (1707-1773), who arrived in New France around 1730, and of Marie- Josephe Guyon (1715-1807), born in Grondines, great-great-granddaughter of Jean Guyon (1592-1663).

Tombstone of Marie-Charlotte Coursol, who died in 1805 in Brookville, Ontario.

Alice Frederica Edmonstone (1869-1947), Camilla's great-grandmother, was quite the firecracker. One of the most beautiful women of her time, it was said. In 1891, she married George Keppel. In 1898, the beautiful Alice became the mistress of the Prince of Wales, who would become King Edward VII on the death of Victoria in 1901 (Alice and Edward had an extra-marital affair until the king's death in 1910).

The meeting

The story goes that when Camilla first met Charles, she told him, “My great-grandmother was in love with your great-grandfather…”

Sonia Keppel was born on May 24, 1900 in London. Who is the biological father? Husband or lover? Georgia or Eddy? No DNA testing yet in Victorian times. But as George Keppel will admit to being the father of the little one, he will give her his name. And the Dions find themselves on the royal throne. 


I. SHAND Bruce Middleton Hope (1917-2006)

CUBITT Rosalind Maud (1921-1994)

Married 2 January 1946, St. Paul's Cathedral, London 

II. CUBITT Roland Calvert (1899-1962)

KEPPEL Sonia Rosemary (1900-1986 )

m. 16 November 1920, Guard's Chapel, Wellington Barracks, England 

III. KEPPEL George (1865-1947)

EDMONSTONE Alice Frederica (1868-1947)

m. 1 June 1891, St. George, London 

IV. KEPPEL William Coutts (1832-1894)

MACNAB Sophia Mary (1832-1917 )

m. November 15, 1855, Hamilton, Ontario 

V. MACNAB Allen Napier (1798-1862)

STUART Mary (1812-1846)  

m. September 29, 1831, Hamilton, Ontario 

VI. STUART John (1777-1829)

JONES Sophia (1785-1837)< /em>

m. January 21, 1803, Kingston, Ontario 

VII. JONES, Ephraim (1750-1812)

COURSOL, Marie-Charlotte (1756 -1805)

m. 25? March 1779, Anglican Church of Montreal 

VIII. COURSOL, Michel (1707-1775)

GUYON, Marie-Josephe (1715-1807)

m. May 25, 1739, Verchères 

IX. GUYON dit LEMOINE, Joseph (1682-1754)

GUILLET, Elisabeth (1694 -1783)

m. March 3, 1710, Batiscan 

X. GUYON, Joseph (1649-1712)

CLOUTIER, Geneviève (1655-1725) )

m. January 29, 1674, Château-Richer 

XI. GUYON, Jean (1619-1694)

COUILLARD, Elisabeth (1632-1704) )

m. November 27, 1645, Quebec 

XII. GUYON, Jean (1592-1663)

ROBIN, Mathurine (1592-1662 )

June 2, 1615, Saint-Jean de Mortagne, Perche, France