Stars of the block 95 and is known for leading explained why Dmitry Komarov “crazy”

Звезды Квартала 95 и известные ведущие объяснили, почему Дмитрий Комаров "сумасшедший"

Dmitry Komarov in China

today, 19:05

TV presenter and traveler Dmitry Komarov has already conquered many countries, and a new season of the author’s program “the World inside out”, dedicated to distant China. January 29, on channel 1+1 was the premiere season of the Chinese.

Coincided what exactly about this country now is so much news due to the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus. Dmitry was lucky – he picked up the China before the New year and to identify the first case of infection. But every fan of the travel-show Komarova knows what he’s going for a beautiful shot or an interesting story. Traveler every time during the expedition, risking his life.

Know.ia asked colleagues and friends Komarova, what they think about the specifics of the work and whether they are watching “World inside out”.

An opinion was expressed by Aleksandr Pikalov, Yuriy Tkach, Barbir Lyudmila and Ruslan Senichkin, who attended the presentation of the season on China.

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Ruslan Senichkin and Lyudmila Barbir

Звезды Квартала 95 и известные ведущие объяснили, почему Дмитрий Комаров "сумасшедший"

Ruslan Senichkin, Dimitri Komarov and Lyudmila Barbir

Ruslan, Ludmila, do you watch “the World inside out”?

Ruslan: I have 10 years, I am a fan!

Luda: I have somewhere of the seventh year. Every time I go to the presentation and watch all the seasons. Always enthusiastic, as the audience, what does Dima. And very often live when we give announcements, ask why to risk your life, how far he can go?

Ruslan: the Most important thing that Komarov was informed traveler newspaper, so he wrote a different note, the article in text version. And once the destiny has developed in such a way that it got on TV, and 1+1 made him an offer still visualize what he sees with his own eyes. And almost 10 years ago started to do this, and the people were happy. Despite the fact that the global television audience is already very sophisticated in various formats like the show and wandering on television, Dima Komarov has created its own format for anything and anyone not like, exclusive!

What do you know about China and what I would like to see?

Ruslan: China or China under communism has created a modern country, one of the most powerful economies in the world that can compete with the us. There eat dogs, soups from human embryos, I heard about it, and there very tasty noodles, and pandas is still there.

People: in fact, all from China migrated to Japan. For me it would be interesting to see Chinese Opera, that is a fighting style, but it’s more for film to be developed. Just all those stunning stunts of Jackie Chan that he does, it is Chinese Opera.

And wall walking. Always admired the video, I would like to go there.

How do you feel about Mosquitoes every time risking his life?

Luda: If I were in his shoes I would do the same. I remember that really scared me and delighted that he almost got out of the helicopter to record, eyeliner, simply leaned. He could slip… after a few takes were recorded, although everything was fine at first. At this point I thought, why risk my life? You can just record a good appearance, the height of the crazy landscape, but I understand why he does it. With his fanaticism towards the work, I would probably have done the same thing.

Звезды Квартала 95 и известные ведущие объяснили, почему Дмитрий Комаров "сумасшедший"

Barbir Lyudmila and Ruslan Senichkin

Ruslan: moreover, he was discoversa to the fact that it has a virus in his body. He seems to have been in Africa where he was bitten by some insect, and brought a certain virus. He validating, but in his body he is, and because of certain life circumstances or poor lifestyle, it comes to health, if will not stick to these rules then this pathogen may Wake up in his body. In this danger he still lives. He forgets about it and goes on fearlessly.

Folk: It speaks to the fact that he is honestly doing his job, is extremely loyal. So it turns out that is how many years is an enormous success.

Ruslan: But because the Mosquitoes tried various interesting things, once I was able to eat little dollies. The channel was a small experiment. In my head was the Mosquito that drank the fresh blood of a newly killed snake eating goat kidney… If Mosquitoes can a little I can learn too, and legs of those dolls OK so stuck in my mouth on my tongue.

The star of the Studio “Kvartal 95” Yuri Tkach

Звезды Квартала 95 и известные ведущие объяснили, почему Дмитрий Комаров "сумасшедший"

Yuri Tkach, with his wife and daughter

Yuri, are you also a fan of the travel show Dima?

Yuri: Always! There are seasons that are revising several times. When I saw Dima for the first time, I thought, than his magic, why is it all love? I still have not figured out, but started to love it (laughs).

Mosquitoes every time somewhere in the expedition to risk his life, how you feel about this?

Yuri: Not really. Dimka a very brave man. Surprised at his courage. If it was not, there would be the Komarov. The phenomenon Komarov is his courage. Here! He climbs in those narrow slits, which is not necessary to climb, sit where crocodiles, snakes, eating something strange, puts his hands anywhere on steeps climbs on height rises… a Crazy person!

Звезды Квартала 95 и известные ведущие объяснили, почему Дмитрий Комаров "сумасшедший"

Dmitry Komarov in China

But would you agree to become his co-host?

Yuri: I think I would have gone crazy, but agreed used. Of course, at least once tried. He was released to his wife. And so she let go on any tour, and Tampa extreme sometimes.

The star of the Studio “Quarter-95” Alexander Pikalov

Звезды Квартала 95 и известные ведущие объяснили, почему Дмитрий Комаров "сумасшедший"

Alexander Pikalov son

Sasha: Dimona look, I love it! My son came with me. He looks small age and is already taller than me. As Komarov’s not to love? His only dancers didn’t like (laughs).

What he does is his gut, it’s great! I’m happy when he survives after experimenting with food. This crap breaks me! When he smokes, something to eat, I always so funny!

Julia Abramova

We will remind, the new season of the program “the World inside out” about the adventures of Dmitry Komarov in China see every Wednesday at 22.45 on channel 1+1.

The network already has the first edition of the travel show:

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