Start of the Nîmes fair, former sellers become bosses, Paris-Clermont line… the essential news in the region

Start of the Nîmes fair, former sellers become bosses, Paris-Clermont line... the essential news in the region

L'actu en région ce 23 février 2024. DR ML

Chaque soir à 20 h 30, retrouvez les 5 informations régionales de la journée qu'il ne fallait pas rater.

Un trio d’alternants devenus patrons d’Intersport

#MONTPELLIER – Both experienced Intersport with eight employees. In Lattes, in 1998. Work-study. He was a racket stringer. She, a textile saleswoman. Since then, both the brand and their functions have changed a lot. Intersport today has 380 employees. And they are the bosses: Caroline Carpentier and Jean-François Hugues. Associated today with Sébastien Stafrach, who joined a few years later as a work-study student. "My great pride, confides Caroline, member of the management committee of Intersport France, is to be able to create lasting jobs. We are growing but the employees are also growing with us." "We grew up as good fathers, without spending the money that we didn’ not", relates Jean-François for his part.

Paris – Clermont line: hold until 2026

#TRAIN –A month after the incident which stranded 700 travelers on an Intercités linking Paris to Clermont-Ferrand in the open countryside for one night, the State and the SNCF detailed a plan this Friday to resolve the problem. actions to address the causes of almost daily delays, on a line used in particular by Lozériens and Cévenols, to and from Paris. The State invested 760 M€ to regenerate the track by 2026 and ordered twelve new trainsets to be delivered at the end of 2026, but it is a question of holding out until then. The line suffers from old equipment: a backup locomotive will be positioned in Nevers from March and will accompany the last train in each direction; preventive maintenance will be carried out on the machines, a team of on-call railway workers created in Nevers. The route is also very exposed to wild animals, bad weather, falling trees: 10 km of fences will be installed in identified locations and 120 km pruned. Or 10 M€ in 2024, effort extended for two years.

The number of the day: 2

#SÈTE – On January 22, Corsica Ferries announced the opening of two new lines from Sète and to destination of the Balearic Islands and Corsica. On the ticketing side, "the trend is already good", according to Fabien Agostini, port director at the company. "For both lines, the main customers are people from Sète and the surrounding area. It must be said that demand was strong here. Then come the people from the South-West as we hoped. For the destination of Majorca, we have a German clientele."

Here we go for four days of fair

#NÎMES – With nearly 30,000 visitors in 2023, the Nîmes fair is an unmissable event. Since this Friday and until Monday, on an area of ​​9,000 m², the exhibition center is transformed into a real place where sharing and exchanges reign. "It's not really me who brings them the new things, it's rather the exhibitors", confides Pascal Settipani, organizer of the fair for several years. There will be 250 of them in 2024 presenting their products in very diverse sectors of activity: housing, automobiles, well-being, household items…

A lawyer takes the stage

#LUNEL – On March 9, Gérard Christol, former president of the Conference of Presidents of the Bar, dean of the Order of Lawyers from Montpellier, will take the stage of the Espace Castel alone to present the show I become what I am, Gérard Christol, a lawyer tells and tells himself. & quot;For an hour and a quarter, with music, lights and a production, I tell the story of my childhood, criminal cases, bullfighting…", explains the’ 80-year-old lawyer for whom this has « seemed obvious » to go on stage when we offered him this piece. "I did theater at school, at college and then again at the conservatory. And at the Assize Court, it must be admitted that beyond the law, there is a theatrical element", adds Gérard Christol. Free entry by reservation.

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