Start without tiles: Microsoft revealed Windows 10X

The new operating system Windows 10X is designed for devices with two screens

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"Пуск" без плиток: Microsoft показала Windows 10X

Windows 10X was developed under dual screens

Last night in new York at a special presentation, Microsoft introduced the new operating system Windows 10X. Earlier this OS was known as Windows Core and Windows Lite. The first device that runs on Windows 10X, became a folding tablet with two screens Surface Neo, presented by Microsoft.

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The head of Department of development of Microsoft’s Panos Panay on stage 10X described as a “new interpretation of Windows 10”. Windows 10X is a mobile operating system, with a simplified interface that is optimized to work with ARM processors used in portable devices with dual touch screens. In the foreseeable future foldable mobile computers with two screens will be released and other famous manufacturers: ASUS, Dell, HP and Lenovo.

The most important thing in Windows 10X is support for traditional desktop applications Win32. To ensure this is managed by virtualization technology at the operating system level. Ie Windows 10X is able to run a program with the extension .exe used in the desktop, “ten.” However, it remains an open question with the launch speed and handling of these programs on ARM processors.

"Пуск" без плиток: Microsoft показала Windows 10X

Neo Surface with Windows 10X

Because Win10X was developed under dual screens, then it was redesigned interface for easier use. GUI Windows 10X is focused on touch: applications open on any screen, leaving the second display is ready for multitasking. Clicking on the edge of the application window, you can move it to another screen. The open application can be deployed on dual displays to get more visual information.

"Пуск" без плиток: Microsoft показала Windows 10X

The Windows interface 10X on dual screen

In “start menu” Microsoft got rid of live tiles introduced in Windows Phone moving to the Windows 8 (8.1) and then to Windows 10. It is unclear if there will be any changes in the regular Windows interface 10 to allow the “start menu” to a single design.

"Пуск" без плиток: Microsoft показала Windows 10X

Concise interface of the second screen when you connect a Bluetooth keyboard

Windows 10X adapts to a variety of accessories. Neo Surface, for example, supports a magnetic Bluetooth keyboard that covers about 2/3 of the display. 10X Windows recognizes the connected periphery and compresses the screen, displaying additional information on a tiny remaining part of the screen.

Start Windows 10X is planned for the holiday season 2020. According to the company, the first wave of devices will be released in the fall of next year and will be powered by Intel processors.

Earlier, Microsoft extended support for Windows 7 for 11 months. Windows 10 has also recently received a useful improvement.

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