Started shooting the prequel to “Game of thrones”: what is known about the new project

In the province of Belfast, the creators of the series have already built the scenery

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Стартовали съемки приквела "Игры престолов": что известно о новом проекте

Shoot a prequel to “Game of thrones” – “the Long night”

In Northern Ireland started shooting the prequel of the cult series “Game of thrones”, which was a documentary. It is reported by CNN.

Find out what connects the Queen of Spain with the TV series “Game of thrones”:

As you know, the project is called “the Long night” and last week in the province of Belfast, the creators have equipped places for shooting.

Despite the fact that CNN and HBO are owned by one company – WarnerMedia, the second company refused to comment on the information to CNN. It is now known that worked over the script George Martin along with Jane Goldman, which will also be a show-run project.

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The plot tells about the events that occurred over the 8 thousand years before the time of the original version of “Game of thrones”. The action takes place in Westeros long before the unification of the Seven Kingdoms. At that time the territory was a long winter and the White walkers came. The origin of the latter should also be disclosed in the new series.

Everything will be completely new and fresh: without the Starks, the Targaryens and the Lannisters and other families. The series going to release in 2021.

Recall that Naomi watts will play in the prequel to “Game of thrones”. Also joined by the star of “Harry Potter” Miranda Richardson. The role of Rita Skeeter became a part of the upcoming episode of the universe of “Game of thrones”, however, it is unknown what role Richardson will play in the prequel.

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