Stas Peha revealed family secrets: father with vagrants, she was a recluse

Стас Пьеха раскрыл семейные тайны: отец с бродягами, бабушка - отшельница

Stas Peha,

today, 17:45

The grandson of the famous singer Edita Piekha Stas, who had previously confessed to drug addiction, shocked incredible details about the lives of loved ones. He told about it in interview to the program “the Secret to a million.”

It turned out that the father of Stas Petras Gerulis living in poverty on the outskirts of Vilnius. It can be seen with vagrants, he dines in the dining room for the poor.

“I have big debts. I have nothing to eat,” says Petras.

Stas told me that his father abandoned the family when the boy was a year old. He did not participate in the son’s life and in 2014 he decided to establish a relationship with him and even invited guests.

Стас Пьеха раскрыл семейные тайны: отец с бродягами, бабушка - отшельница

Stas Peha,

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However, to get close to them and failed, although Stas was sending him money. This man, according to the singer, suffering from a mental disorder.

The famous grandmother of Stas Edita is now reclusive and hardly ever leaves his country home, but loves to chat with the grandson.

“Grandma is friends with my only wife Natasha. She loves her very much. Natasha often brings his son to the grandmother, they have their own communication”, — said the singer.

For Stas stood up his sister Erica after he was bombarded with accusations of poverty of the father.

“A huge wave of negativity to our mother fell. But really to help his father Stas is her initiative. She asked me to take care of dad,” said Eric Bystrov.

She says that Stas had not renounced his father always helped him.

“For many years Stas helps his father. But Petras has a certain diagnosis, how much would it money or was given, he will dispose of them in accordance with its condition,” — the sister of the artist.

We will remind, the legendary Edita Piekha found himself in a wheelchair.

As reported Know. ua family Piekha trouble came.

Also Know As. ua wrote that Edita openly admitted to a lot of trouble in the family.

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