Statistics Canada study: Quebecers are less inclined to wear the mask

Étude de Statistique Canada: les Québécois moins enclins à porter le masque

OTTAWA – Quebecers are less likely than residents of other canadian provinces to wear the mask in places where it is not possible to maintain a distance of two meters from each other.

This is what was reported by Statistics Canada on Wednesday, based on data from a survey conducted online from 15 to 21 June.

Thus, while the déconfinement continues after months of isolation caused by the pandemic COVID-19, 52% of Quebecers have said they intend to carry a cover face in public spaces where it is hard to keep up to two meters away from others. In comparison, 78 per cent of Ontarians plan to protect with a mask. Quebecers have substantially the same rates of response that the people of the Prairies (54%).

Quebecers and residents of the provinces of the Prairies also stood out from their fellow citizens in the other provinces saying that they are less inclined to keep a distance with the other or even to avoid crowds and gatherings.

In the event that they are sick or show symptoms of the disease, coronavirus, barely 74% of Quebecers would remain quietly at home, compared to 82% of the people in the rest of Canada.

“More than 90% of residents in all regions reported that they would wash hands more often, which indicates that this measure has been widely adopted by most Canadians,” said Statistics Canada.

The women would wear a mask more than men, and young people are not in a hurry to bring a mask or to maintain a physical distance from others, we also learn the study.


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