Stepan Kazanin revealed, as in “Quarter 95” together without Zelensky: “We told him not to”

Степан Казанин раскрыл, как в “Квартале 95” сработались без Зеленского: “Мы отговаривали его”

Elena Kravets and Stepan Kazanin

today, 12:07

Stepan Kazanin – artist Studio “Kvartal 95” and its integral part. 16, he performs with comedians, once on the Ukrainian scene from the Russian KVN. His real name is Sergei, but everyone called Stepan. He is family-oriented, charismatic and brilliant actor, which can cope with any role, even the female.

Znayu prepared a big interview with Stepan Kazanina about his work and life outside of the scene. What he really is, what the secret of his strong family relationships and how to respond to the transfer of Vladimir Zelensky from humor to politics? This and many other questions are discussed in an exclusive interview.

Степан Казанин раскрыл, как в “Квартале 95” сработались без Зеленского: “Мы отговаривали его”

Stepan Kazanin

Stephen, let’s start our conversation with changes in the “Quarter” that occurred after the departure of Vladimir in politics. How did you get on without him?

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Added humor. Returned to the family Jura is Great. Vovk Martynets first joined as an author, now became a part of as an actor. And pressed the “Dnepr” Yuri Tkach.

In fact – the authors remained the same, in terms of humor we are not limping. Guys write. And we have slightly increased. Of course, the “Green” to replace, no one can – two or three people. Nevertheless, guys too, not the first day in humor.

Степан Казанин раскрыл, как в “Квартале 95” сработались без Зеленского: “Мы отговаривали его”

Block 95 is filled with new actors

Zhenya Koshevoy, which now performs the function of artistic Director of “Kvartal 95”, the head is insufficient?

No, it is difficult to grasp the head, he is bald (laughs).

Previously, all important decisions in the “Quarter” took Vladimir Zelensky. And now?

The last word Tence, and now democracy. If someone offers to do something and it’s really funny – all support. No one is trying to take someone else’s place. As in the KVN: “Oh! It’s fun! Let’s do it”. In principle, what happens. We have been together – I believe in the word. There is some radar, funny or not. There is an internal editor.

Anyone in the team to be the best radar?

I, of course (smiles).

Степан Казанин раскрыл, как в “Квартале 95” сработались без Зеленского: “Мы отговаривали его”

Stepan admitted that without Zelensky Quarter 95 democracy came

How do you now distribute the roles?

Different. Happened, began to rehearse and not talking. In the process of rehearsal has varied. Female roles sometimes I had. Mother – in-law is sacred, no one attempted, except me. Been stellar the role of prostitutes, for example. Lena Lena can not or do not feel this role is then passed on to another, sometimes to me the most. This was then and is happening now. But the authors, when you write for a mean guy role.

What’s your favorite role?

Any role that gets me – that’s good, I’m glad! I’m not a useless person in the team.

Someone to 70 years old wants to play Juliet Shakespeare, but we have no such. There is a role Yanukovych or Parubiy – and we already know who will do it. Do not have to qualify.

Степан Казанин раскрыл, как в “Квартале 95” сработались без Зеленского: “Мы отговаривали его”

Stepan and Vyacheslav Uzelkov

For you is what role fixed?

Mother-in-law. Usually the rooms appeared Vova, Lena, and mother-in-law – I. Now while these numbers there. But it was cool miniatures. For example, one, in our General opinion, a ridiculous number, when we get together with Vova was sitting in the Jacuzzi. Turkey, mother-in-law, son-in-law… a Very fun number.

I am a people’s mother-in-law of Ukraine. Some point played Putin. Now it’s not so much fun.

Dangerous, I would say that you are “agents of the Kremlin”.

In fact, never cease to talk about it. And “agents of the Kremlin”, and anyone. The laughter and joy we bring to people. And people respond as they can, as much.

I work mostly with artists. The sketch with the star in “Evening Quarter”. Before they sing. As a rule, we try to do some funny skits with them, and it lies on my shoulders.

And who among the stars you are very offended for acute joke?

Now it is gone. Masha Rasputina. A year later she crossed paths at the airport with a wolf and apologized.

We are not the first in show business. And people know to whom they come. A good improvisation is rehearsed. We have all explained. If you don’t practice and are not serious about their appearance on the scene, it is not always appropriate improvisation, which is not so funny.

What percentage of improv do you have now?

Minimal. This is the professionalism. At concerts, not on the record, there is room for improvisation when it wants to diversify and play differently to each other pin. But that’s not often. Main place of improvisation – working with the stars.

Lena Kravets we would like to talk. It was rumored that earlier Vladimir Zelensky she was not allowed to participate in the “Dancing with the stars” because it would hurt the workflow. Now, when Lena was dancing, whether it is reflected on the team, except that it may, or not present at rehearsals or late?

This is from the “Dance” does not depend Lena always late (laughs). Now just a “COP-out” – “I dance, sorry I’m late.” “Dance” work as a whole not hinder, but also does not help. We have the same Comedy team, not a dance. This is purely her decision, she had been wanting. Not that Vova is it prohibited, but the time was filming “public Servants” and it was difficult to dock.

And now it turns out to maintain a relationship with Zelensky as before?

No, of course. After the inauguration I saw him once. Sometimes talk on the phone.

Степан Казанин раскрыл, как в “Квартале 95” сработались без Зеленского: “Мы отговаривали его”

Vladimir Zelensky and Eugene Mishka

His presidency was expected? Especially after the TV series “servant of the people”.

For all of us it was unexpected. At first we even tried to dissuade him. But when I realized how important it is to him, of course, supported.

Степан Казанин раскрыл, как в “Квартале 95” сработались без Зеленского: “Мы отговаривали его”


Many in Russia compare journalist Yuri Dude with Vladimir Zelensky and predict him, at least, the post of mayor and President. Do you think this is real?

No, Russia is not Ukraine! It will not work. It will not do it.

Vladimir managed to become President.

It was the election. Russia will not allow to do it.

Степан Казанин раскрыл, как в “Квартале 95” сработались без Зеленского: “Мы отговаривали его”

Jack, Steve and Myka with a smile for life

Sometimes you have to be on stage together with a great women’s team “Women’s Quarter”. Your wife is not jealous?

Honestly, I have not approached this issue. Even the thought. This working moments. We perceive each other as partners on the stage.

We help the girls. They are the stars. They are – in the foreground.

Степан Казанин раскрыл, как в “Квартале 95” сработались без Зеленского: “Мы отговаривали его”

Women’s Quarter

Consider how the artist has grown this year?

And grew up, and played. Each of them, at least, the front-woman. They scored by accident. All powerful.

They rallied, they began to feel each other. Each in itself is well done, actress, comedian, and here it was necessary to unite and make a cool comic show, not to envy each other, do not put each other’s foot pegs.

Julia Abramova

The second part of the interview of Stepan Kazanin of “95 Quarter” about his personal life, love for his wife and children, his favorite hobby is read on Sunday, November 3, portal Znayu.

We will remind, earlier the star of “Kvartal 95” Stepan Kazanin admitted in childish amusements in high school.

Also Kazanin of “Kvartal 95” repeated the legendary stunt from the movie “the diamond arm”.

In addition, the Grand jury frankly told Znaia to return to “Quarter 95” and the parodies of Vladimir Zelensky. In Odessa big concert of the New “Evening Quarter” viewers first saw his parody.

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