Stepanenko spoke loudly about the wedding Petrosyan with his young mistress: “If this is true…”

Степаненко громко высказалась о свадьбе Петросяна с молодой любовницей: "Если это правда..."

today, 16:24

Recently, various foreign media reported that well-known humorist 74-year-old Yevgeny Petrosyan legalized relationship with his own 30-year-old mistress Tatiana Brownboy. Therefore, this event is not spared and the former wife of a famous comedian who commented on this, the newspaper writes Super.

So, according to her, she’s still unsure that it’s true, but if so, she wishes them happiness. “I don’t know. If this is indeed true, I wish them happiness!” commented the ex-wife of Petrosyan and Elena Stepanenko.

Степаненко громко высказалась о свадьбе Петросяна с молодой любовницей: "Если это правда..."

mistress Petrosyan

At Brukhanova, now she refused to comment on any information that concerns her, and Petrosian. Also a humorist and he refuses to communicate with journalists and not answering his phone.

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We remind that recently Petrosyan lit up with his young mistress at the festival “New wave”. The pair actively discussed something and not hide feelings.

Wrote Know.ia, Petrosian showed that doing with a young mistress: Stepanenko sight.

Also Know As.Eeyore wrote that Petrosyan and Stepanenko refused to divorce will stay together forever.


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