Stephen king called the best movie ever

Стивен Кинг назвал лучший фильм в истории

King of terrors believes that the best movie that he watched is Godfather-2.

The iconic writer Stephen king responded to a question about the best film of all time.

“Someone asked me yesterday: “What movie is the best of those that you watched?”. After a night of reflection, in which I really didn’t need, I can safely answer: the Godfather 2,” wrote king on Twitter.

Before Корреспондент.net remembered the best movie that was on the books of Stephen king.

Crime Saga of the Sicilian mafia family Corleone, based in new York. Adaptation of the novel by Mario Puzo, published in 1969.

The first and second part of the Godfather American film Institute, recognized as the greatest gangster films the best movies in cinema history. Included in the top ten best films according to IMDB.

Godfather 2 got an Oscar for best film and widespread critical acclaim, some consider it superior to the original in 1972.

The film received eleven Oscar nominations (winning in six categories), and became the first sequel, received the award for the Best film award in the category Best Director – Francis Ford Coppola Best supporting actor – Robert De Niro and best adapted screenplay Francis Ford Coppola and Mario Puzo.

The greatest films from the Godfather to Jaws


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