Steve Barakatt is back at home

Steve Barakatt est de retour à la maison

Steve Barakatt had to spend two weeks in Lebanon. Stuck in the land of its origins due to the pandemic, the pianist-composer is back home, in Quebec city, after a stay of five months.

The musician has been reunited with his wife and his daughter after weeks of exchanges on a daily basis through FaceTime.

“It was quite an adventure. A journey is quite intense “, he started, during a telephone conversation, during which he completed his “quarantine” for 14 days.

The airport of Beirut has re-opened its doors on the 1st of July and the time of booking for a return flight were complex.

Steve Barakatt was in Lebanon to prepare for the unveiling of the anthem of Motherland, which he composed for the 100th anniversary of the countries of the Near East.

In the village of Sereel, in the north of Lebanon.

“This extended stay enabled me to do research on the history of my family. It has allowed me to find the village of Sereel, in the northern mountains of Lebanon, where my great-grand-father of Bacchus had lived before emigrating to Quebec, ” he told.


Steve Barakatt dreamed to see this place. He had already been to Lebanon, but he had never had time to undertake research for this purpose because of its commitments.

“It was very special to revisit his native land, and that he has left before leaving for Canada. This was a unique experience to be able to feel all the energy of my origins. It was very touching to go there, ” he said.

He admits to having experienced, personally and artistically, an important moment that he describes as the turning point in his life.

The composer and of the representatives of the village where his great-grand-father lived.

To such an extent that it has the intention to undertake the steps necessary to obtain citizenship in lebanon. What it will do with the official information that it has in hand concerning his great-grand-father.

“It is also a legacy I want to leave my daughter. It is always important to know his roots “, he remarked.

Steve Barakatt will return to Lebanon in the fall for the shooting of the video clip and the unveiling of the anthem of Motherland.

This long stay in Beirut has allowed him to discover the gastronomy of lebanon and the local wines.

“I ate local all the way along my journey. It was amazing ! ” he said.

The composer returned to the Québec inspired and with images that he wishes to put into music.

“This trip allowed me to look at what I wanted to prioritize for the coming years. I sense that there will be a lot of travel and that the music will be more than ever. This is what I want to do most in the world “, has he dropped.

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