Steven Seagal was at the center of sex scandal

Стивен Сигал оказался в центре интим-скандала

The actor himself of the charges in his address denies.

Famous Hollywood actor and part-time special envoy of the Russian foreign Ministry Steven Seagal was at the center of the scandal: he was accused of sexual harassment

It should be noted that charges had already reached the district attorney of Los Angeles. He received a case of sexual harassment of the actor Friday, August 10, reports Reuters.

That they have been subjected to harassment on the part of the actor, said more than 10 American Actresses and journalists. All of the charges were not disclosed, but we know that one of the victims claims that Seagal was raped, and the other is that the actor touched her Breasts and genitals during audition.

Documents submitted to the Prosecutor, was made on the results of the investigation to the police. It is expected that the consideration of this case will begin in the near future.

It is noteworthy that women have made allegations against Seagal. In particular, at the end of last year about harassment on his part said three victims.

Steven Seagal is the holder of triple citizenship. He has documents of the USA, Russia and Serbia.

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