Still deprived of a premium of$ 1000 per month

Toujours privés de la prime de 1000$ par mois

Hundreds of workers and health professionals still do not have the right to receive the premium of $ 1000 per month paid by the government, even if they are treating the same patients and face the same risks as nurses and attendants.

“It’s really disgusting ! In my department, everyone had the premium, except the three professionals, whereas the one treats the same patients, and we are also working in the hot zone, ” says Véronique Tremblay, therapist in physical rehabilitation at the Hospital Maisonneuve-Rosemont, in Montreal.

Like her, Julien Houle, response officer at the Hôpital Charles-Le Moyne in Longueuil, believes that the premium must be paid to all workers. “We’re in contact every day with at-risk patients or with the COVID, sometimes I do the same job as the employees, and yet, I do not have this bonus “, he reports.

Announced at the beginning of the month of may by François Legault, the premium of $ 1000 per month is available to certain job titles such as nurses, respiratory therapists, orderlies.

Then, on the side of the unions of technicians and professionals of the health, the anger starts to mount. Nearly two months after the announcement of Québec, these employees still may not receive the premium.

However, during the daily press conference of the 1st of June, the former minister of Health and social Services, Danielle McCann, had stated that the bonus was for ” people who have close contact with people who have the COVID. […] The spirit of the order, it is tied to the task. “


For Maxime Ste-Marie, acting president of the Union of workers and professionals of the CIUSSS of the East-of-Montreal, “it is time that the government keeps its commitments” and modifies the order so that all workers and professionals on the front to be able to have this bonus.

Sandra Etienne, president of the Alliance of professional and technical staff of the health and social services at the McGill university health Centre, is of the same opinion.

“This is a fight that should be done all together, but it only recognizes a part of health care workers, so that one is also on the first line, this is not fair “, she argues.

The cabinet of the new minister of Health and social Services indicates by email that there will be no changes ” to include other titles of jobs.”

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