Still no results 9 days after his test COVID

Toujours pas de résultats 9 jours après son test COVID

A man from L’ange-Gardien, in Outaouais , has still not received the result of the test of COVID-19 that he had actually spent there are now nine days.

Martin Leblanc has been waiting for nine days; nine days that his family is confined to the house. He wonders if the result of the test screening fell between two chairs.

“I’m starting to find that it is long. I have a colleague who went to take the test after me. She has received a result already by e-mail”, he explains.

His mother, 58 years old, has lupus, a chronic auto-immune, but she also suffers from cancer. Mr. Leblanc had, therefore, taken three weeks of vacation to spend time with her family.

“We are already a week past. We want to be able to spend time with our loved ones, but at the same time, we don’t want to put them at risk,” he says.

In many places, attendance is important for the screening, and it surpasses the capabilities of some laboratories.

“Québec city has a capacity, at this time, to 16,000 tests. But hey, in the last few weeks, we have seen, at certain times, there are 17,000 people who are tested. It is sure that it creates an overload of work is very important”, said Véronic Lapalme, 2nd vice-president of the Alliance of professional and technical staff of the health and social services (APTS).

The ministry of Health specifies by email that the analysis of the sample is maintained between 24 and 48 hours. However, the transmission of the result depends on the goodwill and organisation ‘of services put in place locally by the institution or the regional directorate of public health”.

It is added that, in some cases, there may be cases of exception and longer delays.

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