Still not old men: Stallone, Schwarzenegger and Lundgren revealed the secret of his youth

The actors jokingly told about your secret of youth

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Еще не старики: Сталлоне, Шварценеггер и Лундгрен раскрыли секрет своей молодости

Sylvester Stallone

Recently, the actor and Director Sylvester Stallone, who officially announced the beginning of work on the fourth part of “the Expendables”, now on his official page in Instagram posted a funny video.

Watch the video about how Sylvester Stallone is planning to return to the screens of their iconic characters:

The footage video appeared himself Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzeneggerand Dolph Lundgren. Men stated that they refuse to grow old.

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“We are the boys who will not grow old. We have fun, we are young forever. And to grow old , no, thank you, it is unethical on our part” – that’s a signature left Stallone placed under publication.

In addition, Sylvester said that his arm looks better than Arnold overall. And Schwarzenegger complimented Lungren, noting that before this beautiful man is simply impossible to resist.

Recall, Arnold Schwarzenegger read a rap. The star of the “Terminator” has recorded a collaboration with Austrian musician Andreas Gabali. The video was posted on the Youtube channel of the singer.

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