Still passengers recalcitrant in the bus

Encore des passagers récalcitrants dans les autobus

The vast majority of passengers who boarded buses to the RTC on Monday wore the mask mandatory, then the grace period would end.

Wearing a mask in public transport buses has been mandatory since July 13 last. The measure, however, was accompanied by a grace period which was to end Monday.

The Journal is mounted at the edge of some of the buses on Monday and found that some users were still not the point.

This was the case for Daniil Verovkin, who has taken the bus without any difficulty, despite the lack of covers-face.

“I just forgot,” he admits in good faith. They [the drivers] will not warn us not really. “

Another user of public transportation, Nancy Labbé, claims to have seen a considerable increase in the adherence of the deposit on Monday morning.

“This morning [Monday], in the bus, everybody had,’ she says, before boarding a Metrobus 800, in which were a few holdouts.

“Before, I would say that for 10 people, there were at least four that they weren’t wearing it “, she noted.

Mireille Dupont, who uses public transit regularly, says he attended once more to the intervention of a driver.

“Not bad everyone wears a mask whenever I take the bus. I have not noticed that there was password-right. It happened once that a driver request a few times to a person in the back to put on his mask and the person eventually give in and, after three warnings, she put on her mask “, does he / she share.

“Educate the client “

On the side of the RTC, the spokeswoman Brigitte Lemay, indicates that the drivers have received instructions for the application of the measure.

“The driver must, as far as possible, educate the client about the port mask. If he decides to climb aboard without a mask, the driver must contact the control, which, subsequently, will dispatch an inspector who will do an intervention with the client. And if it’s climbing, we are in communication with the police “, she explains.

No clear guidelines

A few drivers who have agreed to testify at the Newspaper, anonymously, have confided that they have not received clear guidelines on the procedure to follow if a user does not wear the mask.

“The directive that we have had is not to get into trouble or in danger,” says one of them, adding that there was a little display at the house on the subject, no more.

“We were told not to do the police with it. We have not received clear guidelines if a passenger does not put on the mask, ” says another driver.

The spokesperson for the RTC emphasizes that the drivers have been notified by operational communication.

“It is a procedure that has been communicated to all drivers and the union “, she adds, indicating that there was no incident to report it to this day.

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