STM: a driver has stopped to clean his bus

STM: un chauffeur a arrêté de désinfecter son bus

Convinced that the COVID-19 is a ” false pandemic “, a bus driver for the Société de transport de Montréal, a follower of the theories complotistes, boasts on Facebook not to disinfect his vehicle since he has “done his research” on the virus.

Posing as a bus driver for the STM, attached to the garage Mont-Royal, Christian Lachance was published on July 2, last a long status on his page on Facebook referring to his “research” on the pseudo pandemic ” that is the COVID-19.

The worker states that at the beginning of the crisis, he would wash his hands frequently, showed up at work in advance in order to disinfect the bus, and had even built a barrier near its headquarters, in order to keep a certain distance with the passengers.

But with time, he writes, ” I begin [sic] to do my research… “. He concludes that the virus is “not more dangerous than a flu” and that any person having a “good immune system” will survive.

He claims now not to disinfect the bus, ” because it is a false pandemic in order to better control the people !!! ”

On Facebook, the driver appears as a supporter of the Foundation for the defense of the rights and freedoms of the people (FDLP), managed by the complotiste Stéphane Blais. He also positions against the vaccination as well as the port of the mask. However, remember that the cover face will be mandatory in all public transport as of Monday.

The union reacts

The syndicate of bus drivers of the STM has refused to comment on the statements made by Mr. Lachance. The organization stresses, however, that it welcomes the obligation of wearing a mask in public transport, as well as all the sanitary measures implemented in the wake of the pandemic in order to better protect employees.

“We fought for that during the crisis, and continue. It is the official position of the union. I can’t comment on the behaviour of the individual worker, ” said the president, Daniel Leroux.

The directorate will conduct a ” follow-up “

On the side of the direction of the STM, we are assured, a ” follow-up will be done with this driver “.

The spokesperson Amélie Régis, advance, however, that ” all “the buses are “washed” daily ” as maintenance crews, and staff must follow the recommendations of the public health and hygiene regulations.

Yesterday noon, Christian Lachance had removed his message from his page Facebook. Contacted by The Journal, he claims to have deleted this posting for “no problem” with his employer.

He said that he only disinfects indeed, the steering wheel, among other things, but that he will comply with the sanitary rules and that he will wear a mask, even if it is against it.

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