STM: users come back quietly

STM: les usagers reviennent tranquillement

Public transport resumed quietly to fill in Montreal: the traffic in the metro, and buses has more than doubled since the beginning of the month of April.

The vehicles of the STM, however, remain much less crowded than normal, as the daily moves are still 83% lower than usual in the metro, and 64% lower in the bus, show data compiled by the Société de transport de Montréal (STM) in the week of 8 June.

In the metro, it is still possible to keep a physical distance of two metres between each one, as requested in the public health.

Wednesday afternoon, the 24 Hours has identified between 15 to 20 people on average per subway train at the station Berri-UQAM on the orange line. Usually, the nine-car metro’AZUR are more than 1000 people crammed at peak hours.

Even if people take more public transit, less than half of the users of the metro are wearing a mask, according to observations of the 24 Hours. The STM, however, has distributed nearly 160,000 masks reusable in its stations, a figure expected to reach 300,000 by the end of the month, in addition to conducting an extensive information campaign.

According to a group of experts, it is necessary that 80% of the population wears the mask in enclosed public places, if you want to avoid a second wave of sars coronavirus strike in Quebec.

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