“Stop the game” – the most disastrous concerts lorac before and after the betrayal of Murat

"Стоп, игра" – самые провальные концерты Лорак до и после измены Мурата

A screenshot from a clip of Ani Lorak

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And stars, unlucky days, well who does not happen. We have collected the top 10 failures and scandals associated with the concerts of Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, which for several years does not act in Ukraine – she has chosen her career and life in Russia.

One of the most disastrous was the concert when on stage lorac accidentally bared breast. In 2014, for performances, she chose a fitted glittering mini and, apparently, too high uplifted hand in the end of the song, bared part of his chest. The camera, of course, immediately moved her face close-up!

The scandal was marked by a concert of the singer in Odessa night club “Ibiza”. There staged a protest against the concert of stars. The details are in the video.

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Another scandal-the failure was a case where after an active tour in Russia in the midst of war, Ani Lorak gave a concert in Kiev. Then he almost blew activists, but it did take place. And then the star never performed.

True, she came to Kiev to sing, but this was no ordinary concert, but shooting Christmas lights at a Pro-Russian TV channel inter. In the video you can see that Lorak sings under the track, otherwise these concerts do not exist, and musicians are seen for live sound.

And recently the singer was criticized for a concert in one of the German cities during the tour. Ani Lorak released a video with his speech and puzzled network strange gestures. Users showered the singer with many questions under the video, which she posted on the social network Instagram.

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We will remind, wet lorac bare and then it began, the fans could not resist.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that Ani Lorak disappointed even Russian fans.

Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote that Ani Lorak was lost in the woods before the next Russian concert.

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