Stopped beating heart: Beyonce shocked a story about second pregnancy

Wife Jay-Z admitted that he had a difficult second birth

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Перестало биться сердце: Бейонсе шокировала историей о второй беременности


Recently, the 35-year-old wife of Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin Hilaria reported that she lost a fifth child. Of course, the stars often share such sad news. Famous singer Beyonce has also decided to make a confession and told that during the second pregnancy in 2017, she almost lost the baby.

The footage biographical film about the singer Beyonce, the artist admitted that he experienced a pretty heavy second birth to twins, reports The Daily Mail. Her descendants in the last months of pregnancy was diagnosed with fetal toxemia (poisoning by toxins), and preeclampsia – severe toxemia of pregnancy which can occur in the later stages.

It is noted that the final diagnosis is accompanied by high blood pressure, increased heart rate and edema, – those are the Beyonce at the end of my pregnancy weighed about 98 pounds. Regarding childbirth, during which one of the babies in the womb stopped beating heart, and doctors were forced to do an emergency C-section. The star also admitted that the second pregnancy was unplanned, thus denying all rumors about the IVF (artificial insemination).

Recall that streaming service Netflix has released a trailer of the documentary Homecoming: A Film by Beyonce about the singer Beyonce and her performance at the Coachella festival. And recently the singer showed his sister, who, as two drops of water similar to it.

Watch the video that the family Beyonce broke yet another scandal:

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