Storm Area 51: the people are preparing to see aliens

To the gate of the secret Area 51 drove about 75 people and getting ready to storm

Evgeniy Opanasenko

Yesterday, 21:44

Штурм Зоны 51: люди готовятся увидеть инопланетян

“Storm” Area 51 is held under the slogan: “They can’t stop us all”

On Friday at the gates of the once secret military Area 51, located in Nevada, there were about 75 people who allegedly are preparing to storm the sensitive site. Initially it started out as an innocent joke on the Internet when the user is Facebook Matthew Roberts on July 27 announced its intention to storm Area 51 to see if there aliens. The idea was supported by more than 2 million people, many began to seriously prepare and even set a date for the “attack” on September 20. The assault was to be held under the slogan: “They can’t stop us all.”

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On the eve of the storm Area 51 in the towns of Rachel and Hiko, close to a military facility, held a festival. According to estimates by the Lincoln County Sheriff Kerry Lee, on Thursday evening, about 1,500 people staged a festival dedicated to a possible attack on a military base. However, in reality, to make such an adventure dare a little more than 150 people.

Штурм Зоны 51: люди готовятся увидеть инопланетян

Warning sign of the danger approaching the Area 51

On Friday at 3:00 am after a trip over rough desert terrain to the gate of a secret military base drove about 75 people. The military warned the audience curious about what the penetration of the custodial facility “fraught with consequences” – will be opened fire for the slightest attempt. Police carefully watched the audience, however, no action was taken, since the law of being close to a boom is not prohibited.

“The territory to boom free. They are allowed to approach the gate if they do not cross the forbidden frontier,” explains said Sheriff Kerry Lee.

Штурм Зоны 51: люди готовятся увидеть инопланетян

At the gate of Area 51 were about 75 people

In the hands of some of the activists were found with signs calling for the release of arrested colleagues. We are talking about events that happened a few days before the assault when he was arrested two help from the Netherlands: 20-year-old Tisa Granzer and 21-year-old Gulet Charles Wilhelm Jakob SNiP, infiltrated the Nevada test site. According to CNN, the guys storm the Area was not going and wanted to “just look”. For trespassing on a military base the guys face a fine.

Coordinator of special events “Storm Area 51” Matthew Roberts said that the group page was deleted Facebook because it “was contrary to community standards,” according to CNET. Before it was removed, 2 million people have said they are interested in participating in the event and Roberts didn’t want to let them down.

The sociologist of the University of Nevada Michael Ian Borer, which is also engaged in the research of pop culture and the paranormal called the Internet joke “the perfect combination of interest in aliens, government conspiracies and the desire to know “what we don’t know”.

Does the Area 51 aliens and flying saucers?

The mystery surrounding Area 51 has helped to stir up a conspiracy theory. The most famous is the assertion that the military base is a space ship and the bodies of its pilots after the crash of aliens in Roswell, new Mexico, in 1947. The US government declares that no aliens were not, and the crashed vehicle was a weather balloon.

Штурм Зоны 51: люди готовятся увидеть инопланетян

Area 51

A second wave of interest in the object warmed Bob Lazar, who said in an interview on American television in 1989 that he was a physicist who worked in Area 51. Lazar claimed to have worked on the study of alien technology and personally saw them flying saucers that people see in the sky like a UFO, and read government documents that describe the involvement of aliens to life on Earth.

The fact that the authorities hide from the public the truth, spawned many conspiracy theories. Of special interest was piqued by the status of a secret military base. Area 51 has become part of modern pop culture. Hiding the existence of aliens on Earth even became the basis for the series “Secret materials”, which is not once mentioned this military base.

Штурм Зоны 51: люди готовятся увидеть инопланетян

One of the secret planes of Area 51 – Lockheed SR-71 Black Bird

In 2013, the US government removed the secrecy from Area 51, and even declassified some of the information on its activities. To the disappointment of conspiracy, no aliens was not there, and the base was just a testing ground for new samples of military spy planes. With its long runway flew such aircraft as the Lockheed U-2, Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird and the Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk – they are all long retired.

We will remind that earlier the military was forbidden to laugh at the UFO. Previously military pilots admitted to UFO sightings.

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