Strange seed of China is a concern to the authorities

D'étranges semences de Chine préoccupent les autorités

Citizens across the United States and Canada have recently received packages of seeds that are unsolicited coming from China, raising fears of the authorities of both sides of the border.

In a terse statement sent Tuesday evening, the canadian food inspection Agency, food has simply indicated that it was “investigating reports of people who received packages of seed not solicited”, without offering the slightest detail about the provenance of these seeds.

The department of agriculture (USDA), for its part, was more direct. “The USDA is aware that people across the country have received packages suspicious and unsolicited semen that seem to come from China,” confirmed the agency by issuing a press release, stating investigate in collaboration with the customs service and the department of homeland security.

The u.s. agency has asked all citizens who had received such packages to contact the department of agriculture of their State, and especially not to plant the seeds.

This message was relayed by the department of agriculture of Virginia, which has shared photos of a packet of seed not identified, and packaging. It is noted that he indicated that the package containing a collar, and not seed.

For its part, the CFIA has also asked Canadians who would receive seed unsolicited share it with them.

“Do not plant seed of unknown origin. The seed is not allowed could be the seeds of invasive plants or be carriers of pests, which can be harmful when they are introduced in Canada. These species can invade agricultural areas and natural, causing serious damage to our plant resources”, warned the federal agency.

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