Stranger Things season 4 : 3 new teens very special and an old Russian approach

Stranger Things saison 4 : 3 nouveaux ados très spéciaux et un vieux en Russie en approche

Stranger Things season 4 : 3 new teens very special and an old Russian approach

Season 4 of Stranger Things will become the new heads. According to the information from TVLine, the future episodes will be worn by three new teenagers, and a figure more old. Attention spoilers.

Season 4 of Stranger Things will change. In addition to a part of the action located in a new city, you can also expect to discover new characters. According to TVLine, these are the three teenagers and an adult who should thus appear in the new episodes.

Three new teens to the screen

The trio of teenagers going to a metal fan of an athlete’s [it would be the cliché of the athlete in high school who mocked the weak and goes out with the girls, editor’s note] in passing by a character who looks a lot like the smoking of joints Jeff Spicoli from the movie ‘It’s getting hot in high school Ridgemont’” ad, and the american site.

It is not yet known where they will appear, in what ways they will be introduced and what roles they will have on the screen, but we already have our theories. Yes, we see Mike make his small rebel with the metalhead in order to heal his heart after his “separation” from Eleven, while Will addicted to the weed in order to forget his traumatic experience in the Upside Down would be a perfect choice.

An old Russia ?

The side of the “guy older“, TVLine notes that it “has characteristics suggesting that it will appear so important to a certain plot located very very far away to Hawkins“. To say that it will be a new character in action in Russia in order to advance this part of the story… Will it be the american city in the scene post-credits of the season 3 ? Will it be related to the probable return of Hopper ? Follow.

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