Stranger Things season 4 : a big death and the return of the Hopper to the program ? The strange teasing

Stranger Things saison 4 : une grosse mort et le retour de Hopper au programme ? L'étrange teasing

Stranger Things season 4 : a big death and the return of the Hopper to the program ?

The release date of season 4 of Stranger Things has not been unveiled but it will take (at a minimum) to wait for the fall of 2020 to discover the following on Netflix. The writers are having fun, however, already a short teaser of what to expect. And according to them, a big death and a return of the Hopper would not be to exclude. Attention spoilers.

While some fans still don’t want to believe in the recent death of Hopper at the end of season 3, of Stranger Things, the creators of the series seem to be already ready to break again the heart in season 4, currently in preparation.

New death screen

Invited by a user on Twitter to describe these new episodes in 4 easily add emoji, the writers (via their official account) have not hesitated to choose the emoji angry/frustrated (the one that blows the nose) and most importantly, the emoji skull. Then of course, we do not yet have the brain of a Sherlock to solve this puzzle. However, the addition of the two actually seems to imply a new time of strong, frustrating, and deadly…

A surprise ? Absolutely not. It is when talking about a series that plays regularly to kill his characters. Nothing in the past year, Stranger Things has said farewell to three of them, particularly appreciated by the public : Billy, Alexei and Hopper. The question now is : who could be the new victim ? And why not Eleven that, according to one theory, would be under the control of the Mind Flayer… Everything is possible.

Hopper back ?

On a more positive note, the other two easily add emoji are a clown and a cowboy. If the first it’s hard to see what it implies (a tribute to It ? Plot a 1st April ?), the second makes us logically think of Hopper. What to understand that the sheriff will always be present on the screen and stuck in the Upside Down, as the imagine a theory ? To be continued…

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