Stranger Things season 4 : Hopper’s soon return ? His sacrifice and its consequences explained

Stranger Things saison 4 : Hopper bientôt de retour ? Son sacrifice et ses conséquences expliquées

Stranger Things season 4 : Hopper’s soon return ? His sacrifice and its consequences explained

Season 4 of Stranger Things, will she be marked by the return to life of Hopper ? It is possible. David Harbour – his interpreter, told about the reasons for his recent sacrifice and the consequences on his character. Attention spoilers.

If there is almost no doubt that Hopper will be back in season 4 of Stranger Things – we have all seen the little clues in the recent teasers, David Harbour is still trying today to preserve the mystery around the fate of his character.

A sacrifice is inevitable

In fact, the actor took an interview with the LA Times to explain why the death of the sheriff in the course of season 3 was logical and provided a real conclusion to his story : “We can see a certain way, as if he had to die in order to catch up with Sara [his daughter], and so to find it in the beyond.

According to David Harbour, and the sacrifice of Hopper, was in effect inevitable. Without it, the adoptive father of Eleven would never have managed to turn the page on a painful past : “There, he finally managed to take a bullet for his child [a figurative sense], that he had not been able to do before since Sara died of cancer. There are, I find, is a perfection in there“.

A resurrection logic

In other words, Hopper was destined to die in order to put an end to her regrets. What, therefore, understand that it will not come back to life in season 4 ? Not at all. Not only the actor has entrusted himself ready to return : “Now, whether there is or is not sort of a new chapter related to his resurrection, it would be something very interesting to me, for obvious reasons“, but above all, he said this, “The other way to see his death, is that with his new relationship with Eleven, he needed to throw away its old skin, to make a sacrifice that would allow him to recover.

Translation ? Through his heroic deed, Hopper was given the opportunity to become a REAL papa to Eleven, away from her troubles in the past. It would be a shame not to see enjoy it from the girl in the future…

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