Stranger Things season 4 : the first theories on the back of the Hopper

Stranger Things saison 4 : premières théories sur le retour de Hopper

Stranger Things season 4 : the first theories on the back of the Hopper

The release date of season 4 of Stranger Things has not yet been unveiled by Netflix, but a first teaser has been put online at the end of last week. A strange video as it announced the return of Jim Hopper, thought to be dead. But how the character played by David Harbour he made his return and what his role in future episodes ? If you have to ask these questions, it’s good, it already has a few theories. Attention spoilers.

Hopper’s alive and back in the season 4 of Stranger Things

It is now official, Hopper is alive and well in Stranger Things. This is the first teaser of season 4, who revealed the good news, the character of David Harbour has survived the explosion in season 3 and now have… in Russia.

In a statement addressed to the fans, Matt and Ross Duffer – the creators of the series of Netflix, have in particular revealed this : “It is trapped very far from home, in a lost city and snow called Kamchatka. He will face dangers from both humans… and other things“.

What to understand that the creatures of the World to The Upside should now be landed elsewhere than at Hawkins and ask us some questions about the role of Hopper in the rest of the series. And that falls well, theories about it are already fallen.

Hopper with powers ?

Season 3 of Stranger Things ending with an Eleven without any power. And if the loss of his abilities had nothing to do with the sacrifice of Hopper, some imagine already the sheriff to have them recovered. How ? Why ? Hard to say (especially since it would be a little ridiculous), but it could explain his loss of hair (a nod to season 1). Perhaps he even made the subject of experiments on the spot…

A map of the Mind Flayer ?

And if the terrible creature of the World Upside down had finally understood that she could not do anything in the USA, and that Russia was the best place to put his plan into execution ? In fact, the creature would have been able to allow Hopper to pass through the portal (during the end of season 3) so that it lands among the Russians and that he communicates with Eleven to come here. Once there, the Mind Flayer could then try to take it out (again) with the heroine of Millie Bobby Brown with the hope of getting rid of it once and for all. Pulled by the hair ? Not more than a commercial centre in the USA serving as the secret base of the Russian…

Hopper = Mind Flayer ?

As we know, the Mind Flayer loves to take possession of humans. Thus, it would not be silly to imagine it to use on Hopper in order to realize its plans of invasion. After all, Russia is probably least looking at the current time the risks associated with portals and knows may not even be that the Mind Flayer exists / can take control of men. In other words, using Hopper as a puppet, the creature could fall into the plans of the russians for a discrete way. After, the question “why would he not directly the control of a Russian high-ranking ?“, there was no answer…

Hopper = Die Hard ?

The other theory is more simple and less interesting, Hopper could simply take advantage of his captivity to play the hero by attempting to sabotage discreetly the plans of the Russians. Given the fact that he is probably the only one to know of the dangers of such experiments, it would be logical to see him intervene in order to avoid future big problems. But hey, Hopper is not John McClane and see him do it solo, without the small band of Hawkins, it isn’t pretty…

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