Street gangs spread terror in Oka

Street gangs are the terror of Oka

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The street gangs of Kanesatake are of great concern to the citizens of Oka, who are increasingly worried for their safety.

According to testimonies collected by TVA Nouvelles , for some time there has even been recruitment of young girls in the streets of this municipality in the Laurentians.

Even the mayor of the place, Pascal Quévillon, refused to comment on the case because he fears for his safety.

“Given the inaction of the government and Public Security in this matter, I will refrain from any comments for my own safety and that of my family ”, he indicated in a written communication sent to TVA Nouvelles.

According to the former investigator of the Service de Quebec City police (SPVQ), Roger Ferland, there seems to be an issue of intimidation.

“It’s already a difficult situation in the industry. If at this moment, the people who should speak can no longer speak … It is not ideal, not at all, at the moment ”, noted Mr. Ferland.

Let us recall that Two months ago, the car of an elected municipal official was set on fire in the neighboring municipality of Saint-Joseph-du-Lac.

The situation is particularly complex for the police, given that there are “federal territories which enclose several municipalities” in this location.

“I wouldn't say that Public Security does not care, but I would simply say that in this sector, there is a problem that has been going on for a very long time. We've known for several years that there are territories that are used and controlled by organized crime, ”explained Roger Ferland, adding that the authorities know the actors of this criminal network.

The presence of band councils, which apply different laws, also complicates the situation, according to the ex-investigator.

“Right now, what concerns us is that we let go of a situation. Politically it has been allowed to degenerate over the years. Even if it is delicate and we feel that we are walking on eggshells, if we want to eat the egg, we will have to break shells and go get these people, ”said Roger Ferland.

The latter fears repercussions on the security of citizens if no action is taken to resolve the situation.

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