“Street King”: Stéphane Crête, as improviser

«Rue King»: Stéphane Crête, as improvisateur

MONTREAL – The stars of “King Street”, the new comedy Club illico, will give the replica off the cuff at the time, such as ping-pong players play the small white ball of a frivolous stroke of the racket : with ease and spontaneity.

But the challenge is not as simple as it sounds, ensures Stéphane Crête, one of the actors in the series.

“Come take a ride with us in the background!” challenges the actor to a your laughing, when he noted how it seems easy for itself and its partners Pier-Luc Funk, Sophie Cadieux, Marie-Eve Morency, Mehdi Bousaidan and Sylvie Moreau, in addition to invited guests such as Marie-Soleil Dion and Julien Lacroix, and launch their lines to point-blank, with no rehearsals beforehand.

“To a certain extent, we have succeeded in our mission, if people think it,” adds Stéphane, more seriously. It’s a little bit that the goal, when we improvised ; everything is air written ahead of time, so that this is not the case. It’s like a nice mix of vertigo, panic, anxiety, and leap into the void!”


Adaptation of the format of the German “Schiller Street”, “Street King” restores its letters of nobility to the art of improvisation. This “sitcom” recorded in front of a live audience brings to the scene the three main characters (played by a Funk, Cadieux and Morency), roommates living in an apartment in Sherbrooke.

The protagonists grow and evolve under our eyes, at the option of the indications sometimes easy, often difficult, of the game master, the ruthless Stéphane Bellavance. This last breath of the guidelines in the atrium of the actors and these run, posing the gesture or simulating the emotion that was requested, which gives piquancy to the drama. Bellavance may well give a boost to its “protected”… or become their worst nightmare. The story of “King Street” advance from one episode to the other, but at the cost of many follies and detours dictated by the game master!

“One of the happy problems we have encountered after having shot the pilot of “King Street”, it is that the people we were really good and did not have the impression that we improvised. It didn’t look difficult. Then, after the pilot, the production we added constraints. This is why one sees more of the game master to give us explanations and we ask for things, to understand that we are really on the tightrope!” explains Stéphane Crête, who appears as the owner of the loft, the trio’s principal, a man a bit candid and easy-to-emberlificoter.

The importance of listening

One of the greatest qualities of a good improviser, according to Stéphane Crête? Listening.

“Well listen to what is happening, what the other person is saying, how it moves… If our playing partners are too much in their ego, are not interested by the other, it is really more difficult. In “King Street”, it is a great team, it was a lot of listening ; so we can make small “passes”, to play tricks, even, because we know that the other has what it takes to take. There was a lot of love between us ; we stood tight bends,” says Brad Spitfire “In a galaxy near you”.

  • “Street King” is available on Club illico.
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