Strike May 15 for 44 transport unions of schoolchildren

Forty-four of the school bus driver unions in 32 school boards will strike for a day on May 15. A second day of strike is also scheduled in the week of May 28.
C are 44 unions in the Federation of Public Service Employees affiliated with the CSN have established a six-day strike. For the moment, only the date of the first day of strike is stopped.

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However, this federation has 63 unions. The other 19 unions voted against the proposed strike mandate or did not vote, said Stephen P. Gauley, president of the school bus sector, at a press conference on Tuesday. “The other 19 will continue the service as it is usually done. ”

So 2170 union members will be affected by the 3000 strike.

Union leaders did not want to say which school boards would be affected for the time being, adding that they would give notice to affected parents when the time comes. But the 32 school boards are spread across several regions.

However, other unions succeeded in renewing their employment contracts with their respective private carriers, at the CSN, as well as with the FTQ affiliated Teamsters and Unifor. Some have held strike days, others not.

Stephen P. Gauley
Stephen P. Gauley
In all cases, compensation is at the heart of the dispute. Moreover, wages vary from one carrier to another. School bus drivers earn between $ 20,000 and $ 25,000, sometimes less than $ 20,000.

“When someone wins $ 14, $ 15, $ 16,000 a year, at some point it comes with their headphones full,” Gauley said. The unions are ready to continue to negotiate, he assured.

The transportation of schoolchildren is provided by private carriers, who enter into contracts with the school boards, which receive subsidies from the Ministère de l’Éducation to provide the service. Unions say the money allocated is not enough to raise the salaries of school bus drivers enough.

Carrier contracts include a clause stating that “in the event of a strike or lockout of seven or more consecutive days, the school board, without prejudice to any other remedy, may terminate the contract for the relevant year. and subsequent years, if any, for all or part of the contracted vehicles “.

The contract also provides that “in the case of short-term work stoppages, if the transport company is in its second notice of default in the same year, the school board may terminate the contract”.

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