Striking resemblance! Daughter of Milla Jovovich debuted as a model

11-year-old ever Gabo was photographed for the cover of a magazine

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Поразительное сходство! Дочь Миллы Йовович дебютировала как модель

Milla Jovovich

11-year-old daughter of the famous American actress Milla Jovovich, who is pregnant with a third child, debuted as a model. But the choice of the media profession surprised fans of the actress, and a striking resemblance to the ever Gabo with her star mother.

Details third pregnancy Milla Jovovich see our video:

About the new craze 11-year-old daughter Milla told subscribers on his page in Instagram. The actress said that shooting is very proud of daughter for publication Jalous in the 90s. In the comments to the post fans congratulated the young model and agreed that the girl, like two drops of water, very similar to the mother.

“In fact, this story is very personal to me, because in the 90s I was filmed for the French version of this magazine. And she follows in my footsteps. I really liked her interview. So smart, insightful, caring girl! Can’t wait for the magazine to appear on the newsstands and you will see for yourself,” wrote Hollywood actress with Ukrainian roots.

We will remind, recently Milla Jovovich on his page on Instagram posted an emotional post with political overtones, which reflects on the theme of the separation of families of Mexican refugees to the US border.

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