Stromae, Julien Doré, Mylène Farmer, Orelsan… These artists who refuse to join Les Enfoirés (or to return)

Stromae, Julien Doré, Mylène Farmer, Orelsan... These artists who refuse to join Les Enfoiré ;s (or to come back)

By Benoit Mandin TV Journalist A journalist specializing in the world of television, Benoit never misses an episode of Love is in the meadow, The Voice, Dance with the stars , Mask Singer, Star Academy or Who wants to be my associate. He is also a fan of Quotidien, C à vous and L’heure des pros.

Stromae, Julien Doré, Mylène Farmer, Orelsan... These artists who refuse to join Les Enfoirés ( or come back)

The Enfoirés show on Friday March 3, 2023 on TF1: some stars refuse to join the Restos du Coeur troupe This Friday March 3, 2023 at 9:10 p.m., TF1 will broadcast Enfoirés one day, Enfoirés always. The show of the Restos du Coeur troupe will be carried by 47 artists. This will welcome five newcomers: Mentissa, Sofia Essaïdi, Germain Louvet, Antoine Dupont and Esteban Ocon. Other personalities refuse to join or find the gang created by Coluche in the mid-1980s. Overview.

This Friday, March 3, 2023, TF1 will devote its evening to Enfoirés. From 9:10 p.m., the private channel will offer its viewers the opportunity to discover the new show by the famous Restos du Coeur troupe, called Enfoirés one day, Enfoirés always.

This show will be punctuated by the return of an emblematic member of Enfoirés , Mimie Mathy, who withdrew in 2022 for health reasons. If Mentissa, Sofia Essaïdi, Germain Louvet, Antoine Dupont and Esteban Ocon will reinforce it, other artists refuse to integrate or find the troupe created by Coluche in the mid-80s. Overview.


The Belgian singer, whose fame is second to none on the music scene, refused to join Les Enfoirés. “I have a problem with that, because I take advantage of it. I don't know if it's a certain modesty… I have a problem with involving my image in a charity association” , he defended himself.

Hélène Ségara

For a long time essential in the troupe, Hélène Ségara has chosen to leave Les Enfoirés in 2015. “I went there for 17 years. It required a lot of organization and being a volunteer with two children… It meant looking after my children, leaving them for a while. Restos du Coeur is not just the concerts that we see in the evening. There are rehearsals in the morning, in the afternoon, concerts in the evening and it is often a week to ten days. For the hard core, that represented a lot of work. ..”, she explained.

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Gims and Booba

Two rap stars refused the offer to join Les Enfoirés. These are Gims and Booba. The first confided that he would not feel comfortable there. “I would feel like a hypocrite, I would pretend. Once MC Solaar put on shorts, garter belts… I couldn't do that!” related. For his part, the Duke of Boulogne insisted that he would never go to the Enfoirés.

Julien Doré

The singer, who recently participated in the 20th anniversary of Nouvelle Star on M6, never agreed to join the Restos du Coeur troupe. And he was far from being tender towards her. “The Enfoirés want us to believe that they are a bunch of friends, it's rubbish. Footballers or rugby players who come one evening to show their faces, that bothers me. That said, they bring money at the Restos du Coeur is the main thing”, he said.

Renaud and Mylène Farmer

If he was one of its historical members, Renaud left the troop of Enfoirés, according to him become a “big carnival circus”. “All showbiz participates in the Enfoirés. Comedians, top models, football players… Me, I'm no longer interested”, he argued. For her part, Mylène Farmer felt that she would not feel out of place there. “I don't feel comfortable in a group. I am more serene in a personal approach”, she defended herself.

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Orelsan and Louane

These two talents of the young generation did not agree to join Les Enfoirés. “I don't want to do the puppet show for Les Enfoirés. I don't want to sing with Mimie Mathy and do sketches“, explained Orelsan, arguing that he prefers < em>“doing things yourself”. For her part, Louane motivated scheduling problems to justify the fact that she did not join the famous Restos du Coeur troupe.

Eddy Mitchell

After having been one of the pillars, the singer chose to leave Les Enfoirés. Coluche's friend lamented that the Restos du Coeur show had become a “commercial operation that no longer has anything to do with music”. “I'm not going to accompany tennis players, TV guys. I'm not going to walk around with people who can't sing”, he let go.