Strong catch-up of employment in Quebec at the exit of the crisis of the COVID-19

Solide rattrapage de l’emploi au Québec à la sortie de la crise de la COVID-19

The déconfinement progressive in Québec was recovered so far 58 % of the 820 500 jobs lost in march and April because of the paralysis of many sectors of the economy in order to combat the COVID-19.

Quebec has “re-created” 478 400 jobs since April. It is obviously encouraging to see how fast one recovers the jobs vanished because of the war to the COVID-19.

However, it remains that the correction is far from over. When you do the count, it remains the same when 342 100 jobs to recover before returning to the record level of employment last February.


That said, the recovery of the jobs lost in Quebec because the coronavirus is being done at a much faster pace than in Canada as a whole. According to the employment data for the month of June just released by Statistics Canada, the country has recovered so far 41 % of the 3 million jobs lost in march and April.

Compared to the level of employment reached in February of last year, the country still shows a deficit of 1.72 million jobs.

In Ontario, the recovery of jobs lost in march and April is done at a pace twice as fast as in Quebec.

The province of ontario has recovered so far to just 28.7 per cent of the 1.1 million jobs lost. It still lags a decrease of 728 600 jobs compared to its level of February.

In the context of the war to the COVID-19, sector of health and social services has successfully recovered all the job losses they suffered in march and April… and to add 1300 jobs.

In this health crisis, it was a priority that the government of François Legault provides the most sacrant the positions deserted, particularly in NURSING homes and homes for the elderly, where the COVID-19 has killed thousands of elderly people.


Among the sectors of the québec economy that have the highest recovery rate of jobs peaked in march and April passed, we find the business services (100 %), educational services (81,2 %), trade (79,2 %), construction (75 %), manufacturing (69 %), finance and insurance (61 %).

Not surprisingly, the accommodation sector and the restoration continues for its part to take of the leg. It has recovered only 23 % of the 133 400 jobs disappeared during the first two months of the health crisis in Quebec. It thus remains to restore 102 300 jobs in this sector to return to the employment level of last February.

Other sectors that continue to pull in with a low rate of recovery of the jobs lost are : information/culture (24.6 per cent), professional and technical services (25 %), transportation and warehousing (34.6 per cent), primary industry (agriculture, natural resources : 22.3 per cent).

Another important observation to note : at the end of June, the number of unemployed people in Quebec amounted to 485 300.

The good news ? It is 244 100 less than last April.

The bad news ? It is 280 600 more than last February.

As we can see, the ” job ” is far from over.

The quebec market since February 2020

 March/AprilMay/JuneTo fill
Manufacturing115 00079 40035 600
Construction110 10082 60027 500
Primary sector13 000290010 100
Public Services16005001100
Trade131 900104 50027 400
Transport/storage43 40015 00028 400
Finance/insurance19 20011 7007500
Professional Services/tech24 000600018 000
Business Services23 50025 300+ 2000
Education Services54 90044 60010 300
Health/social services51 00052 300+ 1300
Information/culture/recreation44 70011 00033 700
Accommodation/catering133 40031 100102 300
Public Administrations6200010 300
Other services48 60015 50033 100

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