Strong dissatisfaction of the water parks

Vif mécontentement des parcs aquatiques

The Village Vacances Valcartier, who also owns the park in ontario, the Calypso, to the west of Montreal, there was still no re-opening date to announce, and begins to fear the worst.

“We can accommodate people. Bacteria and viruses, it is it that it manages in the water and with chlorine, it does not last 30 seconds. It has been waiting for three weeks without receiving an answer, ” says Mathieu Drouin, vice-president and son of founder Guy Drouin.

“These are not sites which can be prepared in three days. It has over 1000 employees. Beyond a certain date, it will not be worth the trouble “, he adds.

The legs are sawn

The same goes for Sylvain Lauzon, president and chief operating officer of the Group Calypso Valcartier. The sites are ready to open up to 30 % of their capacity.

“We are not very happy because it speaks of injustice and iniquity. The window of opportunity is short. We saw the legs to see the opening of the zoological gardens and the Safari Park. It was difficult to understand. Give us a date!!! ” he started.

At Valcartier, the campsite and its swimming pool can open, but not the park’s ponds.

Last week, the Grouping of the water parks of Quebec, which has nine members, had made known their displeasure at the ban on to make their pools accessible, despite the announcement of the reopening of all the places to swim outside.

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