Strong support for the mask mandatory

Fort appui au masque obligatoire

Three-in-four canadians support the mask-wearing mandatory, which comes into force today in stores and other public places closed in Quebec.

A SOM survey, commissioned by the government Legault and obtained by our parliamentary Bureau reveals that 56 % of Quebecers are “totally” agree with this measure, while 20 % of respondents ” rather agree “.

Only 14 % of the respondents said ” strongly disagree “, against 10 % who are “somewhat” opposed to it.

Interestingly, the rate of support declines significantly among younger respondents.

As of today, the wearing of the mask will be demanded in grocery stores, shops, malls and other closed public spaces. Merchants who accept customers in the face uncovered will be subject to a fine ranging from $ 400 to $ 6000. Quebec is also evaluating the possibility of sanctioning individuals recalcitrant, from the 1st of August.

Global movement

The prime minister François Legault has long hesitated to impose the wearing of mask in public places. In an interview with our parliamentary Bureau last June, it was even downright opposed to this avenue. “I could if I thought it was good, but I don’t think it will be good,” he said.

But since then, a slight increase in the number of new cases daily, as well as the many trips planned inter-regional during the construction holiday, which began yesterday, have convinced him to change his gun to the shoulder. Other States in North America, of France, will impose also such a measure.

“If everyone respects the two-metre and wears a mask, there will be no problem and […] we will not be obliged to return back into the containment. So, I make a special request to all Quebecers to abide by the guidelines, ” said prime minister Francois Legault during a passage on the North Shore yesterday.

The bars will remain open

By contrast, Québec was down on the idea of close to new bars, as François Legault had mentioned Thursday.

According to the public health, the drinking establishments are not the main cause of the resurgence of the virus. “We realized that the majority of cases, there are still 141 today, it was not people who had frequented bars. The main problem, it is a problem of gatherings in private, ” explained Mr. Legault yesterday.

“Therefore, the public health will recommends that we not close the bars,” he says.

François Legault recalled that a limit of 10 people must be respected inside or outside a private home. Increased police surveillance be exercised over the next few days, and offenders are subject to fines.

In addition to the private parties, the health care workers account for a large part of new infections. “On the 141 today, there are 97 cases that are people who have been tested positive in the health care network “, stressed the prime minister.

The SOM survey has been conducted from July 14 to 16, with 794 people from a probability sample through the internet, cellular telephone and fixed, as well as a panel of external. The data have been weighted to reflect the population of quebec.

Less popular with the 18-24-year-olds

  • A small majority (52 %) of the 18-24 age group is in favour of wearing a mask mandatory.
  • This is the lowest approval rates among the various age groups.
  • Among the other age groups, the support oscillates, instead, between 73 % and 81 %.
  • Hard-hit by the pandemic, the greater Montreal region, collects the highest approval rates, at 82 %.
  • The greater Quebec city area, she supported the measure in a proportion of 76 %. Elsewhere in Québec, 69 % of the citizens see the new directive with a good eye.
  • In total, 90 % of respondents believe that the mask helps protect others against the COVID-19.
  • 75 % of Quebecers believe that the cover-face allows you to protect yourself against the virus.

Source : SOM Survey

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