Stuck in Martinique at the age of 92

Coincée en Martinique à 92 ans

The son of a Quebec of 92 years in Martinique from march despair of the review after seven cancellations of his flight back to Montreal.

These cancellations repetition are a hard blow to Marie-Claire Bélanger, whose morale is deteriorating day by day.

“Every time I talk to him, she said to me : “I don’t want to die here, come look for me !”, tells his son, Sylvain Bélanger, shaken. She is completely demoralized, she cries. ”

The “blues” and the loss of mobility of her mother, who has always been a great walker, the are of great concern.

Last January, Ms. Bélanger, who lives in-residence at Val-David, was in a better state of mind. She looked forward to the idea of letting the winter in quebec behind her to go and spend two months with her daughter, Céline, in Sainte-Luce, Martinique.

His family was far from suspecting that his return date will cease to be postponed, and that Celine should “pick it up with the spoon” every time that his return flight would be cancelled.

Safety first

When the pandemic struck, the four children Bélanger have preferred that their mother’s extended his stay in the South, rather than take a flight where she would have been able to catch the coronavirus.

Today, Céline is still wondering if this decision was the right one, even if it followed the advice of the family doctor of his mother.

The latter believed that in view of his great age, he was more secure than Ms. Bélanger remains on-site.

The first weeks have been rather pleasant, according to his daughter, despite the confinement.

“We tried to make it happy. But then, my mother has lost hope. Even if it is in her daughter, she had the impression of having no exit, ” is concerned Céline Bélanger, who keeps shop in Martinique.

At the beginning of June, the Bélanger have watched with envy the 200 students from the antilles repatriated from Canada on a flight organized by the Martinique and Guadeloupe, in the hope that Canada would come to the rescue.

Shortly after, the consular service of Canada in Paris has rather suggested to the travelers stuck in the Caribbean for transiting via France to return to Quebec, an option that Sylvain Bélanger has refused to consider.

“Send him in Paris alone, at the age of 92 ? It is a ten-hour flight from Martinique, and it does what, made there ?! “, exclaims the man, 58 years old, still amazed that the idea has been considered.

A thin hope

Canada announced the extension of the prohibition of entry on its territory until 31 July, to the despair of Marie-Claire Bélanger.

She wants to go ” home “, plead his two children.

The embassy of Canada in Paris pointed out to its nationals and the cancellation of flights of Air Canada between Canada and Martinique, an overseas territory of the French, was due to the closure of the borders between the two countries.

In spite of everything, Sylvain Bélanger keeping my fingers crossed for her mother to board a flight on July 12 at a destination of Montreal, as expected.

“This is the last trip she will make in life, I believe “.

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