Studio “Kvartal 95” capture the screens of viewers from around the world: “We have managed to achieve success”

Студия "Квартал 95" захватит экраны зрителей со всего мира: "Нам удалось достичь успеха"

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It became known that the Studio “Kvartal 95” gave the Swedish distribution company the right to represent for international markets a number of its projects. It is noted that they are cooperating for the past 7 years. During the joint work, the format of the show “Laugh comedian” and series “a servant of the people” was sold and implemented in dozens of countries.

Студия "Квартал 95" захватит экраны зрителей со всего мира: "Нам удалось достичь успеха"

Natalia Yakovleva and Nicola Naomi Koh has worked

So, this time the Swedish distributor takes to implement a package of projects of the Studio “Kvartal 95”. Eccho Rights now has the right to represent and sell worldwide the most successful products of the “Quarter”. Potentially have a worldwide audience will have the opportunity to see the Ukrainian product. Movies, TV series and formats of TV programs will be presented in the package of one of the world’s largest distributors along with other world-famous projects.

“Our partnership with a major global distributor represents a significant achievement for the Ukrainian market. I hope soon our viewers will be even greater, and the map will not remain countries that have not heard about the projects of our Studio. It should be noted that the terms of the contract are very strict. Despite the fact that we are the owners, we don’t always have the opportunity to influence the sales policy of the company. Eccho Rights, guided by his many years of successful experience in this field, undertakes all rights and obligations to provide and implement the products of the “Quarter” around the world”, – said the Director of podium “Quarter” Natalya Yakovleva.

“We are very proud that we have managed to achieve success with the “Quarter”, in fact, to promote its products at the international level, and be able to sell them on international markets. I am very pleased to continue this relationship and I hope that we will be able to conclude a number of successful transactions in the future. “Quarter” is a very creative company, its projects and suitable for many markets around the world. They are very attractive for their versatility. So I look forward to further cooperation with the “Quarter”,” admitted managing partner at Eccho Rights Nicola Naomi Koh has worked.

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Naomi Koh has worked also announced ambitious plans for the projects of the Studio “95 Quarter”.

“I think we should do and what we will do is to send the projects of “district” at the international competitions, festivals, and also for an Emmy. They deserve to be nominated under this prize. I am a member of Emmy. Maybe we in Stockholm will vote for Emmy and we will include projects in the programme,” he added.

Recall that Eugene Mishka hopes not to quarrel with Tina Karol, and all of the image of the singer. Although the Centurion is no stranger to transform into different characters, but this had with the artist has not happened.

As reported by the portal Znayu famous dancer, choreographer and participant of the project “dancing with the stars” Elena Shoptenko admitted that this year is special, because everyone wants to make their own.

The portal also Znayu wrote that Ukrainian Yuri the Great comedian, who joined the Studio “95 Quarter” after Vladimir Zelensky became President of Ukraine, showed a funny video.

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