Studios training, will open their doors without the agreement of Quebec

Des studios d'entraînement ouvriront leurs portes sans l'accord de Québec

Gathered Friday at the Center Elite Factor, owners of private studios drive have decided that they were going to open their doors the moment a day on June 17, while respecting the rules of distancing physics, even if they have not received the green light from the public health.

In the wake of Tuesday’s protest in front of parliament where they held a training symbolic, the owners wish to pursue their means of pressure in order that the government of quebec to enable them to regain their livelihood.

“We can’t monetize our businesses by taking only on-line activities and the outside, as is currently the case, has explained the co-owner of the Centre Elite Factor, Pascal Champagne. If we do nothing, we will fall into oblivion and we can’t wait weeks. We must send a message. From 1 July, the measures help federal for the payment of the rents will come to an end. It will then pay 100 % of our rent for the entrepreneurs, the owners of which have agreed to work together.”

Lack of consistency

Since the beginning of the crisis, the federal government pays 25 % of the rent, the owner pays 25 % and the owner of the property pays to him also a quarter of the amount, percentage, however, has been cut in half because of the participation of the government of Quebec.

Félix Morissette also feels the urgency to open its doors. “If nothing happens, I am going to find myself on the 1st of July, without work, without income and without my business, says the owner of the Gym The Box that is self-employed and that the provision of ECP ends on the 4th of July. After a closure of three months, we will meet in July in a period dead. “

“One only wants to re-open,” adds Morissette. We will respect the rules of the public health. We will be only three session in the gym to comply with the limit of three addresses : two customers and me. It could also be four, if I get a couple who lives in the same place. The gyms do not have the same vocation as when Mr. Legault was 18 years old. The authorities see only the aspect of leisure and non-health aspect. Yet, we pay a license of studio health.”

Cody Barker-Green abounds in the same sense: “It is not logical that all of the businesses related to health care are open and that we are not, said the owner of the Forge Gym. This lack of consistency. The layout has been modified to comply with the rule of two meters.”

He regrets that the government’s inaction, Champagne is disappointed as to the lack of collaboration between the various owners.

“We are in competition, but a situation like we are currently experiencing demand for solidarity. The meeting today (Friday) is a good example, so that colleagues who had confirmed their presence are not presented. I will contact them again and I hope that they will follow the movement.”


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