Stupid losers: artificial intelligence failed school tests

The DeepMind neural network scored extremely low scores on the school curriculum for the tenth grade

Evgeniy Opanasenko

Today, 06:48

Глупый двоечник: искусственный интеллект провалил школьные тесты

DeepMind has not coped with the task in math

Scientists have conducted a demonstration experiment to test how the artificial intelligence smarter than human. As a test, researchers took the DeepMind neural network and offered her own understanding of the issues of the school curriculum in mathematics and to solve problems from the level of the tenth grade.

In the end, DeepMind failed the test, scoring 14 points out of 40 – this result is estimated at just above “two”. Most British schoolchildren are getting the results much better. The results of the tests, the scientists published in the online Medium.

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Artificial intelligence has been unable to adequately assess the tasks of the test. If an ordinary student can easily recognize the conglomeration of numbers, letters and formulas, the neural network is given with great difficulty. Most of the time DeepMind was trying to recognise the characters and translate the information into human-readable form for your own analysis.

However, artificial intelligence can easily solve complex mathematical problems. But that he could do it, the task should be presented in a special form that the neural network did not spend its resources on detection. So far, the “visual” information is processed by neural networks with work that results in such upsetting results.

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Глупый двоечник: искусственный интеллект провалил школьные тесты

Глупый двоечник: искусственный интеллект провалил школьные тесты

Глупый двоечник: искусственный интеллект провалил школьные тесты


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