Subban doesn't care about people who say bad things about him

Subban doesn't mind people who say bad things about him< /p> UPDATE DAY

P.K. Subban is proud of what he has accomplished with the Canadiens and in the NHL. If he can retire with his head in peace, it is because he has no regrets about his career.  

“To be happy is to have no regrets,” said the former defender during a press briefing held during the first intermission. You learn from all the situations in life.

“It was a privilege for me to play hockey and not just in the NHL. It was a privilege to wear the Montreal Canadiens jersey. You can't take these things for granted. »

P.K. Subban entered the Bell Center ice rink accompanied by young Mila, who attends the Montreal Children's Hospital. The duo received a very warm welcome from the crowd.

It was Geoff Molson who contacted Subban for this tribute evening. 

“It happened shortly after the announcement of my retirement, he said. He phoned me and I accepted after a good discussion. When one of the greatest organizations in the history of sport wants to honor you, the decision is made quickly.

“It was a very emotional moment. I don't really like to show my emotions, but that's what makes me better. I am happy to have had my family with me.

The latter received a visit from his former accomplice Carey Price, who joined him on the ice. The two friends treated each other to a “Triple-low five,” a celebration they popularized when they played together.

Follow your path

During his career, Subban has often bothered his teammates in the locker room. The stories are many. His flamboyant style was disturbing. 

The main person concerned, he is not worried about people's perception of him. 

“I can't talk other people's opinions,” Subban said. I have made my career by not caring about others. I wasn't trying to please everyone. 

Big fan of the Nashville Predators, Xavier Tremblay, 10, was not going to miss the chance to see his favorites in action and the opportunity to witness the tribute to P.K. Subban.

“People are going to describe you in many ways. I don't like the word “polarizing” when people talk about me. If you talk to people who know me, they won't use that word. 

“If I played basketball or soccer or some other sport, I wouldn't be so polarizing because characters who work in these sports. It's all a matter of perception.

“It's part of the world we live in. I won't lose sleep over this. »


Subban has many fond memories of his time in Montreal. He's having a hard time choosing one. 

“Tonight's party is one of those. I have never been prouder than the moment I was drafted by the team and having Bob Gainey handing me a jersey. It was a moment I will never forget.

“Tonight is a dream come true. To be in this situation and to have Geoff [Molson] by my side to watch my video meant a lot to me.

These young fans had a front row seat to witness the return of P.K. Subban to Montreal.

In French

During his tribute, the former defender showed class and respect for Quebec fans by addressing them in French to greet them and thank them. 

“To play in front of these fans [those of the Bell Centre], it's incredible. I hope all athletes will have the chance one day and not just hockey players. I never took anything for granted. 

“It’s a very special place. You have to bring the same energy as the fans who applaud you every night. That's why I got a lot of respect from them. 

“I didn't win a Stanley Cup here, but I earned their respect by working hard on ice. It wasn't perfect, but I gave it my all. »