Subdued Quint and Carol: what about the winner of the “X-Factor” Elina Ivashchenko

Покорила Квинту и Кароль: что известно о победительнице "Х-Фактора" Элине Иващенко

Elina Ivashchenko

today, 17:16

17-year-old Elina Ivashchenko, who was the winner of the 10th season of the show “X-Factor”, managed to gain recognition as a vocalist, prior to participation in the project. her talent is appreciated “Voice. Children” and “black sea Games”. She conquered her singing singer Tina Karol and Ruslana composer’s Fifth.

What we know about the charming girl with such a strong and beautiful voice.

Покорила Квинту и Кароль: что известно о победительнице "Х-Фактора" Элине Иващенко

Elina Ivashchenko, photo Getty Images

Elina Ivashchenko from Brovary (Kiev), brought her grandfather and grandmother. The girl’s mother died when she was only 2 years.

Three years ago, Elina came to the project “the Voice kids” to realize the dream of mom, because her girlfriend got a big voice.

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In the blind auditions she performed the song “Beyond the forest the mountains” and made the team of Tina Karol, becoming a star mentor. Elina has confidently won the third season of children’s “Voices”.

After the victory in the show “the Voice. Children” Elina had faced the envy of her peers. This woman told in an interview to “KP in Ukraine”.

“Some envied me, tried to lower my self-esteem, said that nothing would come of it. I’ve learned to deal with it. I cried at home, I was sick. But in 16 years I realized: if I want to connect my life with a scene, then why should I pay attention to it. It will be throughout life. Need to get used to it “, – told about their experiences the girl.

Realizing that she’s the girl confidently goes to his goal.

17-year-old star received the Grand Prix of the contest “black sea Games” in Skadovsk. Together with the famous composer Ruslan QUINTA she wrote the music and soundtrack to one of Ukrainian films.

Elina Ivashchenko in College at the Institute of music named student. The girl have to juggle classes, work and creativity. She also teaches the kids vocals in the production centre of Victor Pavlik.

And one night the winner of “X-Factor” received in 11 years – she was invited to speak at the opening of the kindergarten and handed over an envelope that had several hundred hryvnia.

Recall that ward Kondratyuk on the “X-factor” Elina Ivashchenko moved by Tina Karol

As reported by the portal Znayu Polyakova and Kamensky passionately kissed in the air “X-Factor 10”.

Also Znayu wrote, Olya Polyakova fell to his knees in front of Nastya Kamenskikh

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