“Subjected” Russian tycoon Rotenberg acquired the German property in billion euros

"Подсанкционный" российский олигарх Ротенберг приобрел в Германии недвижимость на миллиард евро

Wednesday, may 16, the German edition of SWR and the Berliner Zeitung has published the results of a joint journalistic investigation on how
Russian oligarch Arkady Rotenberg, who is in the sanctions list of the EU and the United States, manages to bypass all restrictions.

The authors of the investigation say that a businessman, a part of the inner circle of Russian President Vladimir Putin, to invest in large properties in Germany.

Rothenberg associated with the complex of buildings of the Kudamm-Karree in Berlin. Kudamm-Karree is located on the kurfürstendamm Boulevard in the Western part of the capital of Germany. The complex includes a high-rise building, shopping Mall, theatre and offices. Historic buildings Kudamm-Karree XX century — two theater — investors plan to demolish in order to build a shopping center.

German reporters found the sign of the company Mars Propco 1 of the Kudamm-Karree. This company, according to them, is Michael Oppenheim, who is called the man around the brothers Rotenberg. Oppenheim informed together with Arkady Rotenberg was involved in the investigation of the Russian newspaper “Vedomosti” about purchase “Gazprom” the equipment and components in excess of 200 billion rubles ($3.2 billion).

In the German investigation also talking about the Opera house in Munich, a major office complex LES 1 in Hamburg, the Sofitel Frankfurt am main and Stue hotel in Berlin. With Kudamm-Karree value of all five sites is estimated at about one billion euros. But what unites them is that each of them is an extensive network of dozens of companies, including offshore.

To do any investments in Germany and other EU countries, Arkady Rotenberg has no right as it is under sanctions. He got in “black lists” in 2014. Italian authorities then froze the Arcadia real estate totaling 30 million euros.

Rotenberg called the “king of order” in Russia. Due to the close acquaintance of the businessman with Putin, he often gets extremely lucrative government contracts. So it was, when Russia was preparing to host the Winter Olympic games in Sochi. And then the company “stroygazmontazh”, which co-owner is Rotenberg became the General contractor for the construction of the bridge in the Crimea annexed by Russia.

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