Subscribers criticized the model because it is too “crooked legs”

A popular model from Australia Shanina Shake was accused of rough retouch

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Подписчики раскритиковали модель из-за слишком "кривых ног"

Shanina Shayk

28-year-old Australian model Shanina Shayk, collaborated with many brands, including Chanel, Victoria’s Secret and Stella McCartney, were in a bad situation due to bad Photoshop on the photos in Instagram. Subscribers Shake resented the fact that she is hiding her real appearance.

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3 Aug beauty posted a photo “with a beautiful view.” In the picture she posed on the balcony which had a wonderful view of the sea.

“I particularly love the photoshopped legs. As you can see, grating at her feet curved,” wrote in the comments one of the users of the network. “Unsubscribed because of Photoshop,” said the second.

Shanina noticed the indignation of the members and in an interview with the Daily Mail was quick to assure them that did not resort to retouching. The model said that her feet good enough and she’s proud of them.

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