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The singer has unveiled his main dream

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Dasha Astafyeva – one of the sexiest singers of the Ukrainian show-business. It is a dream of thousands of men, but the heart burning brunette for several years belongs to one man. Who won the heart of Dasha Astafyeva? When she married and why not given birth to the firstborn, which dreams? All questions are star answered under the heading “Kava z pertsem”.

Dasha Astafieva surprised recognition: it turns out that the singer lives with his parents, his beloved Artem Kim.

“My husband offered to move in with my parents, and now I think it is the best option, as it affects relationships, it affects responsibility in the eyes of the animals that we had,” says Dasha.

Неожиданно: Даша Астафьева живет с родителями возлюбленного

Dasha Astafieva

Despite the fact that many couples, by contrast, tend to live separately from parents, for Dasha and Artem is not a problem. According to the artist, they have fun all together.

“We are very fortunate because we have parents are very modern, and Artem’s parents, and mine. So, basically, we really have a good time, we have a family tradition,” says the singer.

It is no secret that Artem singer met four years ago through common friends. Dasha admits frankly – favorite very changed inner world once such a capricious star.

“I saw so many terrible next to Artem. For example, something I always did what I wanted because everything was set,” – says Astafiev.

Неожиданно: Даша Астафьева живет с родителями возлюбленного

Dasha Astafieva

Moreover, Artem helped seemingly the most emancipated woman in the Ukrainian show-business to overcome their complexes, which gave rise to the former men Dasha.

“When a person lives at home, Dasha Astafyeva, when he pays for everything, makes gifts. Ninety percent of my men – that was Alfonso. Today I can’t hide, but it was Alfonso. But I am guilty of it, because it seemed to me that I’m so good, I have so much work, I need somewhere to spend the money. But now I know what scale it was a mistake” – says the singer.

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Astafiev also admitted that a month after the first date started talking with Artem about marriage. However, the pair prevented the scandal which hit the favorite star. Last year Kim was charged with the theft of 27 million hryvnia from the state budget. The judicial red tape continues to this day.

“He had no documents, we have no right to go anywhere. We haven’t had any leave, anywhere, we have every day problems, work problems. I’m going somewhere a little bit to reboot, I can’t think of anything I can’t be alone to rest,” – said the artist.

Неожиданно: Даша Астафьева живет с родителями возлюбленного

Dasha Astafieva

Dasha admits that the amount of stress she still gave birth to a child dreams about.

“It’s all the same sort of thing is not done, when you have any problems. Our problems are family – they do not run out. It seems to me that even our family is not replenished, because this state of stress, as expectations of something terrible, he was very overcame me and Artem,” says the star.

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