Suddenly! Was maharshal Ali will be the new Blade in kynoselen Marvel

The representatives of Marvel Studios, introduced the actor at Comic Con in San Diego

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Неожиданно! Махершала Али станет новым Блэйдом в киновселенной Marvel

Was Maharshal Ali

Recently at Comic Con in San Diego, the representatives of Marvel Studios announced the official premiere date solo film about Black widow Scarlett Johansson in the title role. However, not only it pleased fans of the superhero universe. It turns out that the Studio has created “reincarnation” iconic “blade” – and will play a major role was Maharshal Ali.

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Oscar was Maharshal Ali will replace in the role of blade Wesley snipes, who played the hero in the original trilogy. Note that snipes played blade from 1998 to 2004 and has hinted recently that he would return to the role. However, Marvel’s candidacy Wesley had not even considered – insiders claim that Kevin Feige personally wanted to see the head of the new “blade” that star “Green book”.

Неожиданно! Махершала Али станет новым Блэйдом в киновселенной Marvel

Was maharshal Ali will play blade

With the world of Marvel Ali, by the way, are already familiar. In the first season of “Luke cage”, he played a very colorful villain. Interestingly, in the third season of “true detective” Ali starred with Stephen Dorff, star of the “blade” of the original.

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A new “blade”, there are already official logo, but the exact date of the premiere yet.

Recall, Maharshal Ali, who played the role in the movie “the Green book” and received for it “Oscar”, will act as producer and performer of the title role in the biographical drama called “Solitary” (“Loner”).

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