Suffering from cancer, Luc Lavoie temporarily leaves “La joust”

Suffering from cancer, Luc Lavoie temporarily leaves «La joust”


Political commentator Luc Lavoie has cancer and must therefore temporarily leave the shows “La Joute” and “Le Bilan”, presented on LCN.

“I recently received some very bad news. I have cancer,” he wrote on Facebook on Wednesday.

“I now rely on medical science and the specialists I have been working with for several weeks,” he continued. These specialists have been advising me from the beginning to take time off from my professional life and, the more things progress, the more I have to resign myself to accepting this advice. Medicine has evolved a lot in recent years, which allows me to dream of a complete cure. But before I get there, I have many months left to devote all my energies to this fight.

The former journalist and political adviser, notably for Conservative Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, concludes his message by saying that he loves his work and adds that he wishes to return to it one day. “I will miss my colleagues a lot.”

Returning to “La Joute” since September 2021, after a few years of absence, Luc Lavoie also comments on political news on FM 98.5 .

Numerous reactions

Hundreds of subscribers to his Facebook page wished Luc Lavoie a speedy recovery on Wednesday.

This is the case of the host of “La Joute” and “Bilan”, Paul Larocque, who wrote: “Dear Luc, we keep your chair warm at “La Joute” and the “Balance sheet”. All our thoughts are with you. We will of course miss you, but nothing is more important than the fight you are about to fight. We are already looking forward to seeing you as soon as you are back on your feet. Until then, good luck. We love you my boyfriend.”

The leader of the Parti Québécois, Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, also wrote a note to Mr. Lavoie: “Dear Luc, I wish you a speedy recovery and lots of courage in this fight. Come back to us strong.”