Suffering from stage 4 colon cancer, she sees her life-saving surgery postponed indefinitely

Stage 4 colon cancer suffers life-saving surgery postponed ;e indefinitely


A 30-year-old Ontario woman diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer has had her surgery postponed indefinitely due to offloading at hospitals due to increased hospitalizations of COVID-19 patients.< /strong>

Cassandra Di Maria was diagnosed with cancer in 2020 and has been through 17 rounds of chemotherapy since.

“Now I’m waiting for my next big operation,” said Ms. Di Maria told CTV News on Thursday. “I have no idea when this operation will take place and I'm at a standstill,” she lamented.

According to her, “it might be too late to save her if the procedure continues to be pushed back.

She said she understands the pressures the healthcare system is facing, but feels her urgent needs are not being met and does not understand why her surgery is not taking place .

“COVID-19 patients are getting all the care right now and we are on the back burner, which is horrible,” she said. I would consider my operation urgent, so I'm not sure why it's affected.

Ms Di Maria, who recently got engaged, said she wanted to overcome this hurdle so she could consider other things in life, such as planning her wedding for April 2023.


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