Sugar Sammy, people with Down syndrome and the PQ

Sugar Sammy, Down's syndrome and the PQ


There's one thing you can say about Sugar Sammy: when he hits on political parties, he picks everyone up. 

But there is also one thing that can be said about Sugar Sammy: when he hits on the Parti Québécois, he makes comments that he would not make on other parties.

We know that he hates everything the PQ represents (the defense of French, identity, independence), but his visceral hatred of the PQ makes him (slightly) slip.

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Sugar Sammy shared excerpts from the Secret Show he presented in Gatineau on September 16 on his social media. I transcribe them for you in full.

“Look, I'm not here to make fun of the poorest people like the disabled, people with Down syndrome… or the members of the Parti Québécois. Who cares, they're not here! What are the odds? There are seven left. You know it's going badly when there are less than Québec solidaire. » 

« The Parti Québécois? You know it's bad when you miss André Boisclair. But he can come back. If he does an advertising campaign directed by Mariloup Wolfe, he can make a comeback, that's for sure.

“I love Quebec Solidarity because they want us all to be poor together. »

Sugar Sammy, Down syndrome and the PQ

Sugar Sammy, people with Down syndrome and PQ

“Speaking of poor… Eric Duhaime. Can anyone help him pay his bills? I know who can help him: Dominique Anglade. She is worth $14.5 million. I thought the Liberals became millionaires just AFTER being elected as Prime Minister. »

Then Sugar Sammy calls out to a man in the room, who tells him he's from Trinidad and Guatemala. “You're like the CAQ's worst nightmare: we have to find a law to get them out of here!” »

PQ, QS, PCQ, PLQ, CAQ, everyone goes. No one is spared. 

I admit I laughed. Sugar Sammy has a knack for finding the shock formula to plant the different political parties.

But go back and reread what he says about the PQ MPs whom he compares to people with Down syndrome and the handicapped. We can blame the PQ for many things, but Pascal Bérubé, who regularly wins the titles of best speaker and best representative of his constituency from his peers, has nothing of a “handicapped”, as Sugar Sammy calls them. . 

I know he is not a “MP”, but the leader of the Parti Québécois, PSPP, is a lawyer by training, holds a certificate in international law from the Swedish University of Lund, a bachelor's degree in civil law and common law from McGill and earned an MBA from Oxford. Not too handicapped, the little gentleman.

In short, I find Sugar Sammy in bad faith. As if his hatred of the independence cause blinded him and made him write jokes so caricatural that they are ridiculous. 

Honestly, calling someone with Down syndrome is degree zero of humor, schoolyard level…

And I'm sure parents of children with Down syndrome don't find it funny that intellectual disability is used as an insult…


In closing, just one question: would Sugar Sammy compare an ethnic community or a “racialized” person to people with Down syndrome? or disabled? 

I'll let you guess the answer…

Sugar Sammy, Down's Syndrome and PQ